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07-14-2004, 01:56 PM

I am wondering if any one has degenerative spine disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis along with their scoliosis (32top/41bottom).

When I first was diagnosis in 1986 with scoliosis I only had numbness and pain of the right leg when walking or standing too long. As time passed the pain became worse until it became constant. Now after surgery (2001) for stenosis I have constant pain, which requires high-end painkillers. The ISLD & TSLD treatment could not be completed because there is no needle room left. I can no longer sit, stand, ride etc. for longer than 5 minutes without pain.

Is this common ?

07-16-2004, 07:34 AM
hi, kyleutt:

it sounds like our conditions are very similar...i, too, have arthritis, osteoporosis, and a compressed nerve that has made walking and standing nearly impossible for two years; the nerve pain for me runs down my left leg and into my left foot. although i've had back pain, sciatica, and such for most of the last 20 years, the pain from the compressed nerve due to stenosis (and slowly losing the function of my left leg) pushed me over the edge with regard to surgery...

my physician said we could, as a starting point, do surgery to fix the stenosis but he did not feel my long-term results would be good given the severity of my lumbar curve (56 degrees and progressing maybe a degree a year), so i'm going to have the scoliosis fixed in september. that should correct the stenosis as well as prevent the health problems that i'm sure are in my future...

is your stenosis being aggravated/caused by progression of your scoliosis? what has your physician said about doing another surgery to correct your curvature? i don't know what an "isld" or "tsld" treatment is; is it to help relieve pain or to correct the stenosis? being in pain everyday really grinds a person down and i'm sorry that you feel bad all the time....