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06-14-2008, 02:25 PM
I have posted a few questions trying to get a feel for what we are going to be going through and you all have been a great help. I feel much more relieved getting some information even if I know that all situations are different.

Here is where we are at. My daughter is getting her first providence brace in about 10 days. She is fairly happy because she was able to get a blue one with butterflies. It looks just like one she saw on another girls post and it makes her feel like she is part of a group-not being seperated from everyone else.

We are switching insurances at the end of the month-ugh! We applied to Shriners here locally because the prefered provider is a pediatric orthopedic there. We were accepted but our first appointment is not until october.

I have scheduled an appt with her new pediatrician and will be able to keep the orthotist that we are seeing now.

In your unprofessional but experienced opinion, should we be looking for an interim orthopedic specialist until October or will her pediatrician and orthotist be fine for a few months? She went from 9 degrees in her lower curve to 19 degrees from October of last year to April of this year.

06-15-2008, 08:17 PM
You might want to have a recommendation of one just incase. Normally we only see the doctor every six months, nothing comes up inbetween. But if there is an issue with the brace or you notice an increase of the curve(from what I've read it seems to take awhile to get Shriner's appointments), you can have piece of mind. Emily