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05-25-2008, 06:32 PM
hey guys! i got a little energy so we'll see how far i get on this. but heres the day by day like i promised.

Day 1: I dont really remember much. but i was an odd one. we got to the hospital at 6 am. waited a little while then they took me mom and dad to the pre op room. i was crying and scared. they finally came in and got the iv in but in the wrong spot so they got it to where i could get the "happy" medicine and were going to re-do it when i got back into the room. so they gave me the "happy" meds just one. and i still knew what was going on around me. Then they rolled me out of the room and i started crying again when in the op room. They gave me another dose said they were going to but they lied lol they put me to sleep because 3 seconds after that i was out and dont remember a thing till i was already in my room. i asked how long everything took and my mom said it was about 6 hours for the operation. i was in the recovery room for about an hour and a half then i was in my room for an hour and a half before i was awake enough to know what was going on. they all had a hay day with Huge ducks on elevator ceiling (that i dont remember) and to me being ET (the oxygen thing that was on my finger made me think i was ET and watching the movie and was phoning home LOL) mom will have to get on and tell all the funny stories since i dont know them lol.

Day 2: I remember waking up and not being in pain. i didnt want to press my button since i didnt think i was hurting. but the day before meds hadnt worn off yet. i kept sayin only this part hurts and this part but thats it. well as the day went on. the more i started to feel and kept asking what the morphene was suppose to do because i was still feeling the pain lol. the doctor's assistant came in to see how i was doing. and showed us the before and after x-rays. i'll have to scan and post those. they are amazing!! I had a bad nurse on this day. i had finally started to eat some red jello i ate a cup then not even an hour later they came in and said time to sit up then stand and move to the chair. i was dreading this. well i got sat up. and i was so light headed and dizzy and felt sick to my stomach i told the nurse this and she said oh well your suppose to. i told her i didnt think i was suppose to this much. i started to stand up then sat down and "got sick" i rested for a minute and i felt like i couldnt keep my eyes open. they stood me up painfully and i started shaking the shaking got faster next thing i know i hear the nurses calling my name but i couldnt wake up. so my aunt yelled BRITTANY YOU BETTER OPEN THEM EYES RIGHT NOW!! and i did lol. and sat in the chair and fell asleep. we could hardly get the nurse to come in and help turn me every two hours so mom and dad and aunt did that. and i slept alot.

Day 3: One of my nurses man handled me on this day. instead of picking me up and moving me she yanked the blanket and me over. very painful. thankfully i only had to deal with her for 12 hrs. i stood up and sat in chair for a longer period today. and i think i walked out to the nurses station right outside my room. and i slept most of the day. i remember having some visitors but can hardly remember who. oh and i remember laying down and saying i felt like i was gonna get sick and my mom told the nurse she just walked out so my mom did what she could to lift my bed up without hurting me and i did i got sick my mom yelled for nurses and some guy nurse came in to help lift me up all the way but it was already everywhere. our nurse finally came back in and she was going to leave me on the blankets and just put a towel there mom chewed her butt and she finally changed me and the blankets.. grr on nurse!

Day 4: My mom talked to the head nurse about the two nurses we had that didnt treat me all that well. and after that we had the sweetest nurses!! i sat in my chair for about 2 hours and i walked out to the wall. came and laid back down and a little while later got up and walked out to the window not sure how far but it was a ways for me. i slept more and was in a little pain. but the sickness stuff was okay i still wasnt eating anything though.

Day 5: Today i walked around the nurses station 8 times. i was trying to get the gas bubbles out. it was a really good day for me. i felt good and pain was managable. i got my meds slowed down and eventually they took out all my iv's except one. and i went to the bathroom.

Day 6: Today was pretty rough. i was in alot of pain. and i felt sick to my stomach all day long. and i wasnt getting any better. my doctor came in and asked if i wanted to leave. i was pretty scared i didnt know how i was gonig to get around once home. they had a lady come in to answer all my questions. i had slowly started eating things. but still didnt feel good. after they got everything ready and i was okay i got to go home. the ride home was rough but i made it. and i didnt start feeling better till i was home. thats when the real recovery started taking place. there was one day that was a complete turn around.

its pretty much a day by day type thing. each day gets a little better. my mom helps me take a shower. and one of my best friends shaved my legs lol. this past weekend i took a walk across the street. i went to a graduation ( dad got me a rental wheel chair to be comfy) i felt so pretty being so straight!! i did my hair and make up okay. and i went to the grad party. and church this morning. getting up i still need help but its getting a little easier each day. i'm about to try getting off my meds! i made my first goal! (graduation) now i just gotta keep making goals for my self. :) i know i was scared. and still am a little but things are looking up. i can use the bathroom by my self and walking is getting a little easier. i cant sit or stand too long without my left shoulder blade killing me. but it will be okay.

good luck to all those having surgeries and have recently had them.. i'm glad mines over with with great correction! we'll get through this together!! keep looking ahead with heads up! :) we're making it!!

05-25-2008, 06:56 PM
WOW you had an experience! :eek:

05-25-2008, 06:59 PM
Thanks, Brittany. It's good to hear how it went-- too bad you had a couple of rough nurses to begin with! :mad: It sounds like you are getting along pretty well at home. Keep us posted! Gentle hugs, Susie

Chihuahua Mama
05-25-2008, 08:17 PM
I'm glad the surgery went well and your home Brittany. I'm sorry the hospital experience wasn't as good. I hope your parents write or call to tell the hospital administrators of your challenges - that's just not right for a young girl to have to deal with poor nursing on top of the biggest surgery of your life.

Heal well and let us know how you're doing!

05-26-2008, 10:07 AM
considering everything that you had to go through. I am very impressed to hear that you went out to a party and church already!! Good for you and keep up the good work.

dolores a
05-26-2008, 11:34 AM
Thanks Brittney,

You wrote so articulately about your surgery day and hospital stay, even though you were probably in much pain, you let us know that there is a light down the road, you kind of took some of the unknown of it all away a bit.

Thanks again,
Dolores A

dolores a
05-26-2008, 11:36 AM
and by the way Brittany,

may you keep feeling better and better!

terri watkins
05-26-2008, 04:14 PM
Thanks for sharing your story... and best wishes for continued healing, good health and success