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07-09-2004, 02:53 PM
hi, all:

i have all my pre-op appointments set up; as a result, (and at the dr.'s direction) i'm taking a mulitivitamin daily and two iron tablets daily. what are/did the rest of you do in terms of nutrition before surgery?

also, a friend of mine had a gastric by-pass last fall (now that's ghastly) and her doctor put her on a high-protein liquid diet at first and high-protein maintenance diet later to facilitate healing. does that sound familiar to anyone?

i had my second epidural cortisone injection today so i can feel well enough to get in shape for surgery and enjoy the summer with my family...those injections have helped me quite a bit for those of you who are considering them. they buy a little comfort...

anyway, i'll look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on nutrition...


07-09-2004, 09:28 PM

Would you like to explain why U think gastric by pass is GHASTLY ?
Just courious...maybe you need to read more infor abut the subject before commenting on it.
It is difficult the first few weeks after surgery to eat anything..staying on high protein drinks, fruits and basically anything that agrees with my belly is all good......your body will tell you what it can or can not eat..as U get stronger U will eat more......since I had a gastic by pass surgery in nov 2000..I am only able to eat small meals at a time, so the drinks are better.

07-09-2004, 10:05 PM
hi, connie...

i should have been more specific...my friend's experience was ghastly; infection, embolism, pneumonia, re-hospitalizations, etc. the complications seemed never-ending for awhile and were all very serious; it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. she's fine, now, and she thought i should do the high protein thing but i wanted to hear what those who had fusion surgeries had done....

07-09-2004, 10:13 PM
Hi Sue...

You should check with your doctor's office, but I believe most surgeons would tell you to eat a good, balanced diet.


07-10-2004, 02:48 AM

Yes , that can happen..more than expected..I feel for your friend, as I also had major complication after

gastric surgery..she will lose weight tho but would have payed the price.