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helen stone
07-08-2004, 09:01 PM
Has anyone approx. 55 yrs. old had surgery for an s curve approx. 55 top and 70 bottom. I am looking for a n top dr. who specializes in adult scoliosis and I am will to go anywhere in the US. I've looked on the web for dr.s who belong to th NSF, etc. but, would like feedback from anyone who loved and completely trusted their surgeon. I realize that these are personal opinions but I am trying to find some common names to choose from. My curves are progressing approx. 1 degree/yr. but I have no real pain and my organs seem to be doing good (lungs, etc.)

07-09-2004, 10:58 AM
Helen, I saw Dr. Thomas Lowe, at the Woodridge spine center in Denver for my surgery. I understand there is a good spine group in Houston also. I've been very happy with the wisdom and knowledge of Dr. Lowe and recieved excellent care while there. The only difficulty is a little breakdown in communication because of the distance, however that's mostly my fault, I could have called at any time with questions. I had been feeling like my recovery has hit a plateau, and called the office last week, and was advised to begin more stretching exercises and to take an anti-inflam med for the afternoon inflamation, and to begin therapy locally. If I would have opened up and called sooner, I would have gotten these answers sooner. So long story short, if you do need to go outta town for surgery, keep in closer contact than I did. But the Doctor and his staff are excellent. I know I found his name on one of the scoli sites, along with articles hes written, he has also done training of other spine docs, and has an ongoing fellowship in Denver. If you need or want his office's phone numbers, you can email me at anytime.

11-12-2005, 10:53 PM
Hi Helen,

I am approximately the same age and have similar curves and I have seen two doctors that I trust and would recommend. One is Dr. David Bradford in San Francisco and the other is Dr. Hammerberg in Chicago. I am going to have surgery next year and it will be with one of these two. (Dr. Bradford is semi-retired, so if not with him, then one of his associates)

Karen Ocker
11-13-2005, 11:38 AM
I was operated on at age 60, 3 years ago, and got my life back.

By age 58 I noticed breathing problems; pain was controllable with alternatives. At that time my curves were cervical 30/thoracic 80/lumbar 40. I got a 50% reduction. I do not have pain now and am living a perfectly normal, productive life.

My surgeon is Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei @ the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.


11-13-2005, 02:19 PM
You had referred Dr. Thomas Lowe. My experience with him and his "fellow" Dr. Knetsche - is as follows: My surgery was, as I was told by his nurse, the absolute simplest surgery he does - it was only to remove an "offending" piece of disc material - I was told it probably wouldn't be longer than 45 min - 1 hr long. It took hours! The results are (still three years later) nerve damage, a fractured vertebra, a foot drop and muscle weakness including numbness, constant nerve sensation, etc. I had to have emergency surgery within a week to correct the messed up 1st surgery, the surgeon that performed the second surgery said Lowe and Knetsche WEREN'T EVEN IN THE CORRECT LOCATION FOR WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!! - and they found I had been infected with both strep and staph which resulted in 4 months of severe illness. I was referred by friends to a neurosurgeon in TX to find a doctor to treat the infections with appropriate antibiotics. The surgery reports that were filed reported that they had removed the disc - in its entirety (after surgery they verbally told me they didn't find a hernieated disc) - but, it was still there the following week for another doctor to take out! The neurosurgeon I went to for a second opinion and pain therapy told me "the doctors who did the first surgery "messed" you up - the doctor who did the second surgery is a miracle worker".

Since then I found out the partner that did the corrective surgery moved to FL to practice, Dr. Lowe shut down the corporation, changed the name and the phone number and is continuing practicing under a new corp name in the same location - in 2005 I was contacted by an attorneywho asked me to be a witness in a malpractice suit filed on behalf of another patient - how much damage can someone do to others and still be allowed to continue "practicing"?

I asked for referrals too - and thought I had the right doctor - also, because of his affiliation with all his "teaching" credentials and experience - there needs to be a better resource for finding out about doctors' mistakes to protect other patients from experiencing what I have experienced and worse. I am fortunate - I am alive -

It is my experience that doctors in CO may not treat a patient with the same philosophy that doctors in another state will - and I've been told that in other states orthopaedic docs won't do certain procedures - patients are referred to neurosurgeons or microsurgeons -

Good Lord!! :eek: I sure hope you're doing better and admire your determination. I also applaud you for posting your terrible ordeal, since I know it's hard to come here and be negative but being a realist and sharing negative experiences like that can help others, in case they wanted to see these orthos.

Take it easy now :cool:

11-13-2005, 06:22 PM
Helen: My surgeon may not be the most lovable, but he has a good reputation among other surgeons in the Dallas area. 9 months out of surgery finds me doing well. I had larger curves then yours 70/78. I still have a few aches and pains, but the surgery seems to have been successful in every way. My surgeon was Dr. Alixis Shelokov, director of surgery at the new Baylor hospital in Plano, Texas. I am answering your request because I am 63 years old. You need a surgeon who has worked on many older patients successfully. I was given the names and phone numbers of four other women my age who had gone through the surgery and have since met four other men and women in our age range who have experienced excellent results from Dr. Shelokov. They were all happy with the results and his abilities. Look him up at consulting orthopedists. com. Kathleen