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05-15-2008, 05:35 AM
Hi everyone well less then a week to go now, and getting exicited and also very neavous.. i know everyone probably does before something like this.
I just keep thinking what if its me that is paralized how wouuld i cope, i know its very rare, but you still think about it.
I was even last night thinking about ringing up and cancelling, but i know i need it, my parents said they will be by me whatever i decide but think i am better having it now, then in a few years time...

My brother finally contacted me and wished me good luck which was nice cause i dont normally hear from him unless he wants something :D

Anything i should know about last minute prep would be much appriacted, i hav emost things packed now like night gowns and that, which i might not use but taking just in case, they did say they would like me to stay in the hospital gown because it is open backed so they can see my back easier without me having to sit up i can just roll to the side...
Getting very neavous i know it will better after though :)

05-15-2008, 07:25 AM
Dear Angela-- yes, you're right about it all! I think we all experience those emotional ups and downs just before our surgeries. :eek: It's pretty scary going into such a big surgery. And exciting too, knowing that your scoliosis curves will be halted-- and you'll have some correction. Think "straighter and taller" when you get the heebie jeebies, and that might help. ;) Don't try to cross the "what if" bridge-- you'll be able to handle whatever happens, IF it happens. No point in stressing yourself too much over it. It's just good to know that complications/problems are a possibility, and leave it at that. (I know, easier said than done!) :rolleyes:

Yes, it's better to have the surgery now than to wait. Your body is better able to handle the surgery and you will recover better/easier. And you have the capability for a better correction too, the younger you are...

You probably have thought of most things you'll need at the hospital. I'd recommend some loose fitting, easy to put on clothes to wear home from the hospital-- button-up shirt/blouse rather than something you'll have to pull over your head, drawstring or elastic waist pants, and shoes that you won't have a problem keeping your balance in. If they're not slip-ons, you may have to ask someone to help you with them, but that would be ok. Take something that you can look at that will give you comfort-- a family photo, a stuffed animal, etc. And don't forget to take some sort of lip balm. It's easy to get dry, cracked lips in the hospital!

You're almost there! Hang in there! Try to draw some strength from all the folks on the forum that are thinking of you-- and of course, from your family and friends. I'm so glad that your brother got in touch with you. And think of your nan and how this would make her so happy for you-- and proud of you too. You'll do fine! :) Hugs, Susie

05-15-2008, 09:19 AM
We will all be thinking of you and wishing you well. Your feelings are very very common, especially this close to surgery. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to keep focusing on the positive outcome you will receive - try to ignore all negative thoughts. I'm not sure if Susie mentioned this, but if you have an ipod, it would be a great thing to have in the hospital (or a cd player). Music really helped me get through, even as I was laying in the pre-op room.
Treat yourself to something nice this week and keep your chin up.