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05-07-2008, 06:45 AM
Hi there every one. well, apparently I am already a member if this sight but I cert remember registering so must of been a long time ago and I don't know my way around it properly yet so if I put this in the wrong place I apologias now.

I do not know anyone IRL that has scoliosis. This is why I am here. I have it and have had surgery for it many years ago. When I was 18 in fact. I am 33 now. All that I only look abbot 23. I still have quite a bad curve and well not take my top of no mater how hot it gets outside. Ner well I go swimming. I don't know the degree of my curve but it dose look quite bad still. I have also got a limp. Any way I well tell you moor later as to not make this to long to read. I must admit am not really into very long posts even though some times I do make them :D

Just wont to meet other ppl that have similar scoliosis as my self and just to fined what affects they have had fro it all rally.