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05-06-2008, 07:59 PM
Yesterday we took our daughter for her first in-brace x-ray. She was previously T-24*, L-24*. In the brace she measured T-16*, L-7*. I must admit I was disappointed she did not get better correction on the upper curve. I was led to believe she would get about 50% correction on both curves with the brace. We went from the hospital to the orthotist's office. The orthotist spent about 1 hour making modifications to the brace. I can tell my daughter was a little disappointed that the shape of her brace got even weirder. She is slim and basically looked fine in the brace (before). Now, because the brace has to push in so much more on the left under her arm, it bows out somewhat in a bizarre way. Not quite as camouflaging as before. Oh well, she didn't complain, but was just disappointed. She's a trooper and I am so proud of her!

I was told they do not x-ray her again (following the brace modifications) because they want to limit the radiation exposure. So, she does not return for another x-ray now until October. At that appointment, it will be an out-of-brace x-ray, so I guess we will never really know how much correction she is getting in the brace as it currently stands. Is that normal? Did you all go through all this mystery? I was told there will not be any more in-brace x-rays with this brace. They only x-ray when a brace is first made. Does that sound right? It's rough not knowing if the modifications made a difference.


05-06-2008, 08:06 PM
Hi Brenda,

I wouldn't get too hung up on hitting 50% exactly. She's probably pretty close after the modifications so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Most orthos have to balance the need to follow the curve closely along with limiting radiation exposure - so I think not doing another x-ray after making the adjustments to the brace is the norm and is also prudent.

Fortunately, your daughter's curves are not too large. You doing all the right things and you say she is a trooper so I'm sure she'll be compliant as far as wearing the brace - I'm sure she'll do great.

Best of luck!

05-07-2008, 06:13 AM
I understand your concern about wondering if the brace modifications are worth it given the brace is now harder to hide under clothing.

Maybe you can talk to your orthotist again or to some other orthotists about the likelihood of the modifications making a difference.

Also remember, even if the angle was in fact improved another five degrees, that is still within the measurement error. So another x-ray might not show an improved correction though it has been improved. Five is a significant percentage of your daughter's angles and maybe it would be even more disheartening to take another in-brace film and not see much of a difference.

Just some thoughts. I wish your daughter well.


05-07-2008, 09:52 AM
My 14 year old daughter had only one in-brace xray in the 2.5 years she has worn a boston brace starting when her T curved jumped to 32. It decreased over time almost to T- zero with a compensatory L curve around 17 . At her last 2 appts. Dec 07and May08 xrays were the same T 11 and L 21 . She was told to wear the brace at night only until Jan then shes done.Under her school uniform ( skirt and blouse ) the brace was almost undetectable but she has struggled with regular clothing fitting and hiding the brace. Your daughters correction is good in the short time between xrays and it hopefully will continue to improve.