View Full Version : 11 Months post op

04-06-2008, 03:57 AM
Well im 11 months post op and i've been feeling really good. Except for at time i get sore in between my shoulder blades and around my shoulder blades feels like a pulling or pinching feeling, i know its probably nothing but i think im this far into my recovery why am i experiencing a little discomfort still. I live in OZ so its starting to get into winter here soon so the weather hasn't been to warm.

Also this pain occurs if i lie a certain way i get up funny....

If anyone knows answers i would love to hear them. I could be just worrying over nothing as its not really bad pain, its just annoying!



04-07-2008, 12:00 PM
Hi Lee & congrat's on making the 11 mth mark.
I remember it was at 11mths exactly that I was feeling very good & not thinking of every movement I made as much. I also felt my energy levels up much more by then........best to you,Lynne

ps. I don;t get soreness in the shoulder blade area but I'm fused T11 to L5. I do, by evening, get tired & a bit stiff thru the hip area but I listen to my body & rest! :)