View Full Version : Has Any One Heard Of Or Got Windswept Hips

03-17-2008, 01:48 PM
Hi my daughter wears a boston brace and was recently having problems around her hips so we took her back to the orthotics department to have her brace adjusted and we were told that she has windswept hips we have never heard of this before, apparently jodie's hips have moved and her pelvic bone is rotating. I didnt want to alarm jodie so i didnt ask any questions but she has discomfort after walking short distances is this common, how can this be rectified? We see the consultant again in may 2008, when we went in october jodie's curve was at 34 degrees. hope some one can shed some light on this.
gill, jodie's 7 years old she got diagnosed last year, we are in manchester uk