View Full Version : Please, please, get your kids involved in craniosacral therapy

06-26-2004, 01:33 AM
Hello everyone,

It's breaking my heart to read all your stories about your babies and toddlers who have been diagnoses with spinal curvatures. Living with a brace and the prospect of surgery weighs heavily on young hearts and bodies.

There's a type of bodywork therapy out there that can REALLY help your kids. Please, please at least look into it for your kids. In some cases, it can totally reverse the scoliosis process and allow the child to develop a normal spine. In some cases, it can drastically decrease the severity. In some cases it may only help moderately, but even that can mean a huge difference in your child's quality of life.

The therapy is called Craniosacral Therapy. I could go into a very lengthy diatribe about the hard science behind the development of the therapy and the anatomy and physiology its based on, but I don't want to take up that kind of room on this forum. Anyone may feel free to email me for that kind of info. Basically, in a nutshell, craniosacral therapy removes tensions in the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It is a totally non-invasive and gentle therapy. Many of my clients go to sleep during their treatment. Youngsters are usually much more active, though.

Even if it's unknown, there's a REASON why the spine develops a curve. It could be birth trauma (forceps anyone? caesearan?), developmental problems in the womb due to postural distortions of the mother's body, or something else. But basically, something's got a grip on part of the spine. As the child develops and grows, that part keeps getting pulled further and further out of alignment. Compensatory curvatures and postural distortions may develop. A good craniosacral therapist can release the areas of tension, both in the craniosacral membrane system and in the extraneous musculature and connective tissue systems.

Contact the Upledger Foundation at www.upledger.com for more information and a list of practitioners in your area. Make sure to look for someone who has had training in pediatric craniosacral therapy. If insurance is a concern, look for someone who is also a PT or dr. of some sort. Many many massage therapists (like myself) practice CST and are very good at it, but we unfortunately cannot usually take insurance.

Please, please, look into this for your kids. It can help immensely. And it's so much easier to correct scoliosis while they're young and have all their growing ahead of them. I work mostly with adults, and all of them WISH they had had this therapy when they were little.