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02-11-2008, 06:40 PM
Hey all,

For those of you in the Boston area (I know there are at least a few of you), where did you go for PT? I'm looking for a good place that's also convenient...

Right now I have an appointment for Wednesday with a woman who has worked with fusions before, but not necessarily one just like mine. I also have a phone call with her... what should I ask to make sure she's the right person to see?


02-12-2008, 12:22 PM
Hi Vindy,

Wow, P.T. already? Good for you. Make sure you ask if your P.T. has worked with MANY scoli pts. before. This is VERY important! I wasted months with someone who had only a couple scoli pts. during his whole career. I found this out later. (He went on vacation, and since I was starting to have doubts about his ability, I made some phone calls and found my 2nd guy.) I switched to him because he had worked with tons of scoli pre and post op people. What a difference within a few weeks. He KNEW what I needed to be working on. He was shocked to hear the limited amount of help I had been getting MONTHS into my P.T. with the other guy. I wasted a lot of time with the 1st guy and luckily was able to get my insurance to cover all my P.T. though I was way over the allotted amount of visits. My Dr. helped by writing a RX for more P.T. and insurance co-operated. (Due to the extent of this surgery most ins. will extend P.T. per Dr's. orders.) I called the head guy at my first P.T. place and asked why they thought they could help me when they had such limited experience. He said something like there aren't many out there like you and maybe we shouldn't have. Thank goodness I was able to find my 2nd guy. Don't make the mistake I made. There are many types of fusion pts. out there. Ask her about her scoliosis fusion experience with patients. This is more important then convenience. I have a friend who has T2-T7 fused due to breaking his back in a motorcycle accident. This might be they type of fusions she is familiar with. These type are much more common in their field. In fact in the hospital the P.T. I was working with asked how I broke my back, was I in a car wreck? Duh, read my chart! She was shocked it was a fusion for scoliosis due to my youth (43) as most scoli pts. are in their late 50's to 70's! Idiot......
Best wishes, Suzy

02-12-2008, 12:39 PM

I just canceled my appointment (for tomorrow) because the woman seemed totally insecure about her ability to work with me ("well, I've never worked with someone like you. I've worked with a few fusions before. I'll try...). Now I just need to find someone qualified...

I'm really disappointed as I wanted to start PT, like, yesterday.


02-12-2008, 12:56 PM
I know what you mean Vindy, I wanted to start therapy ASAP also! I asked my DR. at my 3 mo. check up if I could start going and he wasn't too thrilled with the idea. He said O.K. I guess so.... I wait till 4 months to be sure I was ready and to make him a bit happier.

I am so glad she told you the truth up front about her experience! You will find the right person and be glad they have the experience you will need. You can call your Dr's. office and see who they recommend for P.T. or even call other spine Dr. offices. I called quite a few. My mistake was in not asking the specific therapist that was assigned to me about his experience.