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02-10-2008, 05:04 AM
i remember when i first came to this forum a year and a half ago. i was so scared. now it's been a year since my surgery, so i thought i would share my story because it seemed to me, that every case that i read that went well, strengthened me and gave me hope.

i had a 75 degree curve in my upper back, (gross) and a 55 degree bend in the middle. ( i don't know what was fused, i kind of forgot to ask... i was like, just do it. )

now, after surgery, i'm at 32 degrees and 25 degrees. a more then 50% improvement. i grew about an inch and a half! now i'm 6 foot 1!

before surgery i hated being tall, but now, with my battle scars to match, i'm quite proud.

i don't have any pain, except when i sit for too long, but i think that's with anybody. i haven't really noticed any differance in flexibility either. i know i can't bend as much, but i'm living my life the same way i did before. i can still drive, and swim and dance... well i actually could never really dance...

man, i was so deformed before. i'm still a little awkward looking now, but it's not that noticeable.

i also have marfans. i just turned 21, and i've just recently been doing stand up comedy. so that's a little about me i guess. haha.

so yeah, i would like to thank everyone. i've read so many inspiring things, and everyone has been extremely supportive.

i'm thankful every day that i had this surgery. it really has improved my life. the first few months were painful, and i was such a baby. but before ya know it, a year will have gone by, and you'll have this whole new life.

okay, so that was my little rant. love yall

take it easy home slices!

02-10-2008, 09:40 AM
I am glad to hear you had such a positive experience with your surgery! I will be having surgery in three weeks, and while I am scared, I am also looking forward to it. I hope you continue to progress with your recovery! :o

02-10-2008, 02:13 PM
We all have our good and bad days, but I am so happy I had the surgery too, just a weigh lifted about wondering when I am going to hit the wall and have to have surgery...

I was in the right mindset going into surgery, and I'm working hard to keep my mood in the right place during recovery!

My surgeon, after telling me how happy is was about how I'm doing, asked me last week if I was glad I had the surgery, and without pause, I replied --- Yeah, so far!

For all of you waiting for your surgery date- Just relax, it will be over before you know, and we are here for you!

02-10-2008, 02:30 PM
It will be two weeks on Tuesday for me since I've had this miraculous surgery.
I went out to breakfast this morning and was thrilled that I could do that. When I walked alongside my husband I felt so much taller, stronger, and straighter!
I've grown an inch and a quarter at the age of 52! I am not going to sugar coat it, there is a lot of pain involved but I know we made the right decision. Another discovery is how my husband has truly been there for me with cleaning, preparing meals and TONS of patience. It is so nice to have this huge surgery behind me and not have to worry about it. One thing that I would stress is to try to build your leg strength up before, it really helps after.
So those out there awaiting their surgery - hang in there and I'm wishing you the best!