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01-30-2008, 05:57 AM
With all the odds and ends needed to get done it dawned on me the other morning that with a 4 year old in the house and all the pain meds around I better have a safe place for them. I went and bought a cash box. I figure its light weight and I will be able to keep it in easy access but she won't be able to get at anything. :D

01-30-2008, 06:40 AM
Sounds like a good plan! Do you have plenty of help for when you come home??? Take care!

01-30-2008, 06:50 AM

I'm so glad this isn't an issue with me. I'd lose the key or worse, swallow it with my meds, or just not be able to open the damn thing if it's a latch type. I can just see me calling for help to open my med box.

It's just me and the doggie (who'll be babysat next door for a while), and I say a small prayer of gratitude every day he lacks opposable thumbs. He'd be dangerous! ;-)


01-30-2008, 07:17 AM
I have family coming from Denver AND Arizona to help, so I won't have to worry about picking Skye up from school or anything of that sort for at least a few weeks then other grandmom will pick her up drop her here.
I figure I'll stick the key on one of those stretchy bracelets. I did think of how to open it, I got the kind with a handle on top, the other kind was bad enough trying to open at the store.

01-30-2008, 12:13 PM
I never thought about that! That is a great idea, Sharshe!

Pam- there are times the men I live with lack opposable thumbs....(no offense, guys...)