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01-14-2008, 03:01 PM
I finished with my PT recently and am trying to get so I can continue with the major stuff at home... I've got plenty of exercises to do, plus I ordered a good treadmill, so I'll have weight-bearing and cardio exercise. At PT I had used a Total Gym exercise thing at the rehab place, to help me with leg strength for squatting-- and have been busy looking online for used babies. The better models are fairly expensive, even used. I need one of the better ones that you can add weights to, for the squat workout. I found a really good quality one (11000)(that's the model#, not the cost...) that I may get, but it doesn't have the pilates kit. Since that's not what I need it for, I'm tempted not to consider that as a factor. There are some XLs with pilates kits, but that would be a step down in quality, but still good. I've seen several of you ladies talk about doing pilates. Since I really have no idea what pilates are (other than the mention of working flexibility here on the forum), I wondered if it is something that I should look into better-- or are pilates mostly done PRE surgery? I'm fused from T2-L4, so I'm definitely not going to be increasing my flexibility through that region! :rolleyes: I looked to see how much the pilates kit is, in case I wanted it later on, and it's over $600. :eek: Other than that, the one I found seems just what I want. Believe me (and my husband would roll his eyes, fairly disgustedly) I've put a lot of time in on ebay and craigslist and reading reviews and information about these during this past week. (Like hours every day...) :o Any advice will be appreciated, as I'm kind of confused at the moment. :rolleyes:

01-14-2008, 04:44 PM
Pilates is definatly not just for those who are still pre-op. There is a great book called "Pilates for Fragile Backs" that was written by Andra "Andy" Stanton and another woman whose name I forget. Andy has had fusion for scoli as well as revision for flatback. She found a pilates instructor who had also been fused and now modifies the poses to something she can manage.
I have used the pilates kit on the total gym (pre-fusion) and really enjoyed it. I found that if I was using the ankle straps I could stretch and strengthen at the same time. You can do a lot with the arm handles, and since most of it is laying prone you dont move the back while working out. I also like the total gym b/c you use your own weight to strengthen muscles and if its too much you lower it.

01-14-2008, 06:37 PM
The cheapest, most used piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned (maybe because it's rather difficult to hang clothes on it? ;-) has been my inflatable balance ball.

It's a fantastic way to work your core muscles - and is also great for your legs and glutes. I bet your former PT could devise/modify some exercises for you, and there are several in the "normal" instruction booklet that don't require lumbar bending.

Good luck!