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12-07-2007, 10:01 PM
Hi all,

I am now 7 weeks post op and I am just dying to lay down on my sofa. My sofa is leather and is pretty soft as in cushion soft. Do you think it would be ok to logroll onto it? I am so tired of sitting in this stiff parsons chair from my dining room table. What do you all do and when do you do it post operatively? I know how to logroll into bed, is it the same getting on the couch?


12-08-2007, 12:56 AM
Hi Deb,

It seemed for me that old habits died hard. I still sort of log rolled on the couch. And to this day I catch myself doing it.

Trial and error seemed to always work for me. When anything hurt too much, I just didn't do it.

Maybe not the best advice, but it's what I did.


12-08-2007, 07:39 AM
I think as long as you can figure out how to log-roll onto it, it doesn't matter what it is-- whether a bed or couch, etc. In fact, last month I double-checked with my scoli nurse about needing to continue with log-rolling, and she said I needed to-- and that was for getting on and off the physical therapy exercise tables. (I didn't want to seem like a wimp there if I could help it!) As it is, I am a wimp anyway. And they have to help me with my log roll off of the slanted machine... or I would lose my balance and slip off. :rolleyes: I think anytime you're going to lie down you need to log roll. I too am 7 months post-op. I am curious why you haven't been sitting on your couch... that's where I've been sitting most of the time since I got home... first with more pillows, now with just one pillow behind my back. Nice and comfy. :) Good luck! Enjoy your comfy couch!

12-08-2007, 11:47 AM
I thank you both for your input. My post has a big typo in it. I meant to say 7 weeks not 7 months. :o I am 7 WEEKS post op. Maybe I was dreaming when i was typing :). Anyway...I have not been sitting on my couch because it is so big and fluffy, it's the kind of couch that you sink into. I had a hard time getting up from it. I even tried it with pillows but it was just not comfy for me . I am going to try it today though. Today would be a great day for laying around. They say that there may be some light snow flurries here in Las Vegas. Yes, it does snow sometimes out here in the desert.

Again...I'm sorry for my mistake about being 7 month's :o


12-08-2007, 12:20 PM
I think one of the great things on this site is that it has me laughing so often. Whether it's thinking of Pam sliding into base (!) or (can't remember who) playing field hockey the week before their surgery, etc. Or just regular things... like your mixing up weeks and months--and me wondering why you hadn't sat on your couch yet. Sorry! I laugh at myself all the time for things like that. Good thing there's humor in the world! There is a BIG difference between 7 weeks and 7 months! We went couch shopping a few months before my surgery. Our old one we've had for eons, and it sits so low to the floor compared to some of the newer ones. So we bought one with a 20" seat height. It's very comfy--firm, high enough, etc. That's why I was able to sit in it right away after coming home from the hospital. I think I would still be having problems getting up from the old one... I definitely understand about too soft and not very high. And if you try your couch today, make sure someone's around to help you, in case you can't get back up from it. By the way, I've seen somewhere (I think maybe in a health needs catalog???) that there are furniture lifts that you put under the legs of a couch to make them higher from the ground. Good luck!

Hope you enjoy the snow, if you get it. My husband grew up in the high desert of CA, so I know it snows in areas like that on occasion. Here in Indiana, we get enough. :) There's snow on the ground now, and we're supposed to have freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. My husband has told me I can't go out unless he's here. He's paranoid of me falling...

12-08-2007, 03:14 PM
I think one of the great things on this site is that it has me laughing so often. Whether it's thinking of Pam sliding into base (!) or (can't remember who) playing field hockey the week before their surgery...

It's wasn't me, Susie Bee - LOL ... I'm not on stage until February.

I will be, though ... and I might even post pics :D.

Since I've got some - okay, a LOT of - free time (since I have NO "real" job as of last Thursday), I'm going to take ahbarry's lead, and document, document, document the whole process on the web.

Hell, I'd love to have my *surgery* filmed. Maybe macabre, but I want to come out on the other side and remember every single step (that covered miles) to get through it.

Ahbarry, your blog is awesome, and I think every single of "real world" detail is so valuable to someone like me ... chomping at the bit and charging forward - with no real compass except those of you who've gone before ;-).


12-08-2007, 03:46 PM
Pam--From your vitallium (sp?) rod post: I emailed him a few days ago and asked to elaborate on his preference, and whether it was a good choice for me with the way I play ball (diving, sliding, generally being a maniac - LOL). That's what I was referring to... I didn't mean post-op YET, but you are definitely planning on it! I think you are really impressive! :cool:

I also was so encouraged by reading Anya's blog. It was wonderful--just wish I'd know about it pre-op. Same with the forum. But better late than never. I don't think your idea of filming the surgery is macabre. I would find that fascinating. Wish I had one. The only thing I've done is put together a scrapbook. I've got info from when I first realized I had a major problem (2005), photos of my x-rays, and stuff like that. I've got my blood donation info recorded with copies of the paperwork, etc. My husband wrote down, sort of journal like, information from his waiting during surgery and all my progress in the hospital. We took pictures of the Marriott where we stayed the night before, the hospital, lots of the staff, etc. So it has information plus photos of my stay. I still need to do the recovery part--here at home. Something to work on after Christmas, I guess! It is interesting to look back and see how sick/weak I look right after the surgery compared to now. That boosts me when I'm thinking this is taking forever. I'm not a scrapbook person, so this has been an adventure for me.

Reading these posts really do buoy my spirits. It's like when Rosie was talking about getting a tattoo and about her mom disapproving, and that she was "bad" sometimes... I guess that enlightening part-- the part that makes this all matter--is how human and nice you all seem. We are all so different, but each one is so special. And I really do love hearing about your lives and the good things and the struggles that happen. It makes you so real.

Take care.

12-08-2007, 08:12 PM
My daughter spent most of her days post-op laying on the couch. If you lay on your side, you can swing your legs off and pivot up to a sit with the rest of your body.

12-09-2007, 12:03 PM
I couldn't get into my bed (too high) for 3 months and I slept on the couch every night and all day. After about 6 weeks we bought a reclining chair which was a nice change as I could not sit in a chair straight up for a long period of time. My bed is still hard to get in and out of but I can do it. Hopefuly we will get a new one this year.