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11-28-2007, 04:33 PM

My doctor seems to think I'll be ready for school just 3-4 weeks post op. This just doesn't seem realistic to me or my mom! I've read soooo many posts, and everyone talks about their 6 week post op visit, and how they aren't ready for school until maybe 3 months post op!!!

**Maybe He's considering the fact that I go to college in my hometown. However, I can't drive so it'd be really inconvient for someone to have to drop me off and pick me up? And if I choose to live on campus, my mom wouldn't be there to assist me with all my needs! I'm :confused:. It doesn't make sense to me... i attend a public university with a medium sized campus....carrying books and walking would just be toooo much * i'm sitting out this semester despite his opinion**

Should I be concerned?! Because I am!! I'm being fused from T5-L3, and I just don't understand why he expects such a quick recovery?! I'm almost in panic mode... I need some reassurance guys/girls.

(I guess the closer my surgery gets, the more questions and concerns I'll have...so if I post everyday, plz understand )

11-28-2007, 05:32 PM
Hi Glenda,

It seems impossible to think you'd be ready to go back to school so soon after a major surgery such as this, but many teens return to school before the 6 week period. My son who is fused T4-L4 had surgery Dec. 19th and returned to school Jan 23. He is in high school so we were able to work out such things like having a set of books in class and one set at home so he wouldn't have to carry anything; an elevator key (he never used) in case he had trouble with stairs, stuff like that.

Usually by the 3rd week post-op many experience quite a turn-around where they start to feel so much better and walking/getting around becomes much easier. If you were able to drive you might be able to get a temporary handicap placard so you could park closer to campus. There is another college girl named Mandy (CurvySat05, I think) who could probably give you some info on how she worked it out with her college. She has had a couple of surgeries so she could probably give you some good advice.

Of course, you know your self/body better than anyone else and what you are ready for. It just seems to me than many kids are somewhat ready to get back into their routine by the 6 week period. You may surprise yourself!

Best wishes,

11-28-2007, 05:36 PM
Hi Glenda,

I have made my first really "commitment" about a month after surgery. That said, my office knows that there is a chance I won't be up for it. Try not to stress, its the last thing you need. If you are able to take the time off, and would enjoy the break, then go for it - what do you have to loose if you dont really *need* the time off?

Good luck!

11-29-2007, 12:03 PM

I've read some of your other posts concerning this, and I think you are probably making the right decision by postponing school for awhile. Carrying books would not be comfortable 3 or 4 weeks post-op, and sitting in the hard chairs that colleges provide would be soooo uncomfortable!

I was only fused in my thoracic area (T4-12), and wasn't feeling back to "normal" until around 2 months. I do believe that every level of lumbar that is involved lengthens the recovery period a bit, so your concerns seem pretty valid. You'll be on narcotic painkillers for awhile, concentration levels may be affected, your energy levels won't be normal, etc. etc.

I'm not saying it would be impossible, but why push it when you have another option? The recovery period is such a small part of your entire life, to put it in perspective, and if all goes well you've got years and years to worry about all sorts of other things ;)