View Full Version : Bone Growth Stimulator

11-17-2007, 11:43 PM
I just got mine the other day... I was told to wear it 4 hours total a day until at least my next appt on dec 18th (8 wks post op). It's made by Orthofix and its called a Spinal Stim Bone Growth Stimulator. It can be worn over clothes or over a brace - i chose the latter. You don't feel anything while its being worn, but sometimes i feel a tingling sensation around the spine area, and i've been nauseous a couple hours after eating and wearing it. Since then, i've broken up the treatment to, at the most, 2 hours at a time...

Any one using this post op? Any side effects? Positive or negative results??

Here's more info on it in case your doc orders it for ya: