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10-18-2007, 06:36 AM
Okay, so I couldn't wait to get off the Oxycontin because of side effects, etc., so a few weeks ago Dr. B's office gave me a schedule for weaning off it and slowly switching over to Vicodin. I have to say that Vicodin is like taking NOTHING!! Of course now I have a new respect for the Oxy, because it really took care of the pain. I never had lower back pain until now....never noticed the posterior part of the operation. Now that hurts almost as much as my "shark bite" (anterior incision).

I also use ice packs, heat, physical therapy, all that, but I was wondering if anyone had taken a different "step-down" drug that worked for them.


10-18-2007, 08:25 AM
Vicodin also did nothing for me and my PCP was upset that the surgeon's nurses put me on vicodin. I switched over to a extended release morphine and it was MUCH better. If vicodin isn't working for you, talk to your doctor.

Good luck,

10-18-2007, 01:02 PM
I was on Vicodin when I came home from the hospital, after 6 weeks post op my doctor's assistant wanted me off the Vicodin as soon as possible and switched me to 10 mg Oxycodone. Oxy was not enough so I also took the Vicodin for a while but the assistant stressed to try to come off the Vicodin asap. She felt it was more addictive than Oxy. I came off the Oxy - from taking it every four hours and lowered it three times a day -then after two weeks I took it twice a day, when I got down to one a day I spaced the pills days apart ex., every three days I took a pill then stopped after two weeks. You can't cut the Oxy pills. The vicoden took a little longer, I was able to cut the vicoden into halves then into quarters. I tried earlier to come off the Vicodin but I did it to fast and I had very bad withdrawal, thats why I came off them so slowly.

10-19-2007, 01:10 AM
Hi Chris,

Tell your Doctor about your meds not taking care of your pain levels.

I was on percoset, oxy and another pill for breakthrough pain for the first 2 months. I was then given (extra stength) hydocodone for several months after that.

In my opinion, there is no reason that you shouldn't be receiving meds that can relieve your pain. You deserve that. I could be wrong, but it helped me!!!


10-19-2007, 05:34 PM
hi i had a 2 part surgery done on oct 1st and 3rd and the nurse wants to wean me off of oxycocone and switch to hydrocodone. she makes me feel so guilty about asking for refills like i'm abusing the meds. i am taking 10 mg of oxy 4 times a day . is this alot? the hydrocodone works but not as well as the oxy. i see my doc on tue the 23rd so i will see what he says. i feel this was a pretty big operation. and i can take alot of pain but i have alot of pain in my ribs and neck. how long is the average to be on narcodic pain meds? thanks lor

10-19-2007, 07:21 PM

I was told it's common to be on narcotics three to five months after A/P fusion. I can't imagine why that nurse wants you to get off Oxy so soon; that doesn't sound right at all.

Thanks for the replies. I really don't want to go back to something stronger after all the hassle of weaning off the Oxy so I think I'm just going to stick with the Vicodin for now -- and step up the ice packs.... :rolleyes:

10-21-2007, 07:38 PM
Hi Chris. They had me on dilaudid and the duragesic patch (Fentynal) I was on both for quite a while post-op. Then I reduced the patch dosage in half. Eventually I couldn't take the drugs anymore and went cold turkey, which I know you're not supposed to do, but I had to. I was on the painkillers for almost two months...even though they made me feel like crap, I was able to heal and not be in much pain. I recall using ice packs as well.

10-21-2007, 09:12 PM

For some horrible and unfair reason, there are nurses out there who will try to make patients feel bad about medicine and treat them like drug abusers. I had one do that to me and I was so upset at the way she treated me, especially after going through such a large surgery and being in pain. Luckily, my primary physician is my biggest advocate (and smart about pain meds) and took over my pain control. That was one of the best decisions I made post-op. Go to someone else if you feel you aren't being treated properly!


10-21-2007, 11:39 PM
This is one of those threads that brings back a lot of unpleasant memories for me!!! Being over 2 years post op, I still feel the anger of that nurse that I had to deal with that was responsible for whether I could get a refill or not.

It seemed to me back then, to be unfair, and still does now. She made me feel quilty and weak. She would suggest pain management to me all the time.

I wonder if when we call, are we all lumped together, or do they actually know, when we call, the extent of our surgeries. I definetly know she has never experienced the pain!!!

Ask to speak to your doctor!!!

10-23-2007, 04:18 PM
hi thanks so much for all your feedback. i just got back from my doctors 3 week check-up. he said i'm doing great but as far as the pain meds he will just give me 30 more oxy and thats it!! i told him i have been on all kinds of pain meds in the past and had no trouble getting off them but he said he wants to wean me off everything but tylenol. i'm kinda scared of what i will do when they are gone. i do not understand. i do not have an addictive bone in my body and really do nto like taking them unless i really need them. but if i'm in pain what i am a suppose to do? i came so far i hate to stay in bed all day in pain. i will try to go to my primary care doc but i doubt i will get anything from him. has anyone else had alot of rib and neck pain? my back feels good but my ribs are killing me. thanks again lor

10-24-2007, 12:38 AM
Hi Lor,

My heart goes out to you!!! I'm embarressed that I don't know the extent of your surgery. Therefore I'm not sure my response willl be credible, but I think that we all have the right to pain meds so soon after going through this surgery.

If I would have been cut off after just 3 weeks, I think I would have been in a state of panic. My pain level was very high for the first 3 months. Again we are all different as far as the extent of our surgery, but I think that we deserve a break from the pain.


10-24-2007, 07:06 AM

I agree with Shari. It is very insensitive for any doctor to say something like that. Having constant pain interferes with the healing process, causes fatigue, and makes us depressed. My former internist told me he would have to "carefully monitor my Vicodin usage" so I went to another doctor and explained what had happened. She totally reassured me about taking it and as I wrote on another thread, I'm finally off the Vicodin, never became addicted and in Jan. 2008 it will be 2 years since my surgery! I personally think some of these doctors have no idea how painful this surgery is. Good luck and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for needing pain meds.