View Full Version : Anyone on Forteo ?

10-09-2007, 04:13 PM
In preparation for surgery I have had a bone density test and have been diagnosed with osteopenia. My score is -1.5 and a diagnosis of osteoporosis is -2.5. My Doctor wants me to have my primary care physician start me on Forteo. I had not heard of it previously and when I learned it was an injectable drug that is taken daily for 2 years, I was in shock. Then I looked it up on the internet and learned it is very expensive - ~$7,000. yr amd I am wondering, since I have not been diagniosed with osteoporosis, will my insurance company cover it. Does anyone have experience with this ????

Otherwise, I am set for surgery Dec 11 and 13th with Dr Bridwell in St Louis.

Karen Ocker
10-09-2007, 06:18 PM
I do not have experience with this but contacting the drug manufacturer with your situation might enable you to get it free or at least cheaply.

Poor bone quality is the main cause of hardware "failure" because the hardware has a poor "grip" on the bone.

Two years ago I had a complete evaluation of my bone density by a metabolic bone specialist and my blood levels of vit D were low. The doctor explained 3 causes: wearing sun block prevents the body from making it's own, with age absorption from food is decreased and there is not enough Vit D in regular foods. I had to take 1600u of vit D for a few months after which I was frequently checked . Now I take 800-1,000u. According to the bone specialist Calcium uses Vit D to maintain bone strength.