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06-04-2004, 09:39 PM
Today I saw my surgeon,
because the pain I was having from my horsebacking escapade was hitting the pain scale to 10//...so I had all types of xrays and everything looked normal except for the pain...
anyway I had maybe 8 questions which he answered nicely..as I was leaving I glanced at my file and I noticed his notes from the last time I was there and it said'

{ saw this patient today who had a zillion questions,...}
would you take this as a negitive notation? I told the nurse I thought it was...she wanted me to speak to the doctor by I chicked out, didn't want to start any problems before surgery

She continued to reassure me but I still feel funny about this...I told the story to my childs pedi(my kids had well appoinments today_and she said not at all.....what 's your opinion

06-06-2004, 08:44 AM
Hi Connie.

I get on the site here and read thru threads at different times to at least feel a communal connectedness with others who struggle with the same issues, fears, and decisions. I'm having surgery on 7-22 and 7-29 and I think yours is coming up soon (?) (can't remember the date).
Here's my opinion to your concern...... unless there's other factors which are making you feel uneasy with your doctor/patient relationship, perhaps you might interpret this one written statement as a type of shorthand.... written instead of "Patient had many questions perhaps reflecting pre-surgical anxieties and should be allowed extra time at follow-up appt's". You say he answered them all "nicely"....and THAT is a HUGE positive!!! The old "Actions speak louder than words"(even written ones)..... Plus.... he's a surgeon.... a doer rather than a talker maybe?..... Just offering you an alternative interpretation to consider Connie. And if it's still bothering you then I hope you do bring it up at your next appt..... give him a chance to explain....


06-06-2004, 10:48 AM
Hi Geneen,
Thanks for your reply....Yes my emotion are bouncing on and off....I had many questions for the doctor but not a zillion LOL...so I'll leave it at that and not go crazy over this....I take pride that I'm so through and covered every issue at hand. My surgery is in 3 weeks, good lucj with yours and if you have any question about recovery just email me:)