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09-05-2007, 12:59 PM
hey my name is Shayla and i'm 13 i wear a boston TLSO brace 23/7. i actually hav grown out of my brace and am getting a new one. i have had a brace for about 4 months now......Drastic pain!!!!!! but i will live so yeah talk to me and you can also talk to me on aim my name is volcomchick4god thanks! bye :)

09-05-2007, 02:19 PM
any helpful tips??

09-05-2007, 07:26 PM
can someone PLEASE reply

09-05-2007, 08:37 PM
Hey & welcome! everyone on here are very helpful!

09-05-2007, 09:25 PM
hey i have a boston brace i don't really have any tips but talk to me on aim :jrodslilsis

09-05-2007, 09:52 PM
Hi Shayla,

Sorry you have to wear a brace, I hope it works out for you. I wanted to let you know about another website for scoliosis, but this one is more for kids your age. It is www.spinekids.com. Lots of nice kids to talk to who are also going through various stages of scoliosis treatment.

Good luck,


09-06-2007, 12:25 PM
flower power: i do go on spinekids

everyone else thanks!