View Full Version : Unexpected holiday.

08-20-2007, 06:08 PM
Hi everyone
Although my main holiday is September in LA my parents booked a week in a cottage without telling me and my brother until the night we were going. It was on the south coast of the UK a place called Eastborne. I hade a great time dispite the milwaukee brace which I was made to keep on 23 hours a day dispite me being on holiday. Travelling down was a bit uncomfortable and we had to have several stops to let me get out the car to stretch. It was 208 miles there which I mostly had to look at the car roof. Comming back I was more comfortable lying on the back seat. What was more anoying was my brother kept saying look at that, did you see that, what he cant understand is no I didnt because in a milwaukee brace sitting on a low car seat with a seat belt on I cant move my head to look out the window Im just rigid from my waist up.