View Full Version : Pulmonary/Lung Function

06-05-2007, 08:46 PM
I'm looking for advice on some of my concerns. I'm 23, I had surgery 2 years ago (I'm not sure where exactly my fusion was by bone, and I believe my numbers were around a 55 degree curve that reduced to a 17 degree after surgery) I also wore a brace for 3 years in Middle school. Ive never had abnormal back pain, before surgery, and now 2 years after recovery, my back doesnt hurt often. My main concern is my lung function. I didnt get a proper function test done before surgery, but after a year and a half I went and found that I have about 60% function. The doctors call it restrictive lung disease. After surgery, I feel like it has actually gotten a little harder to catch my breath at the gym than before surgery. While I wore my brace, my rib cage did get distorted. The left side especially, but also under the breasts (i must have worn the top strap tightly). I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with lung function, and if there was anything to improve the situation, I am only 23 and am fitness oriented. I would love to regain function and am also unsure how this situation will get as I age. (Right now, my 50 year old mother can out run me.) I know there is the rib hump surgery to fix rib cage abnormalities, but is there some surgery that might help to expand the ribs? I have been to a pulmonalogist who was not very familiar with scoliosis related problems, and my orthopedic surgereon didnt have a solution. Does anyone know if there is a specialist in this field?