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04-10-2007, 01:13 AM
Hi Again,

I am just wondering if anyone had an abnormal EKG and still had the surgery?

I went last Friday for the pre-op EKG and once again it is abnormal. I went through several tests in December and even though my EKG is abnormal I was told it is normal for me. That still confuses me. I had stress tests done also and was told everything was OK. The only thing they noticed is that someting is pushing up against my heart. (I believe the technicle term the tech used was "the guts are pushed up against the heart" which made it difficult to see the pictures.) I asked if this could be from the scoliosis and they were not sure. I am so worried that this will delay or stop the surgery.

It would be great to know if anyone else had a similar experience.


Houston Curves
04-10-2007, 07:36 AM
Before I knew I was going to have the surgery, I had an abnormal ECG and they sent me to have a nuclear stress test, which I also failed. Then they had me do a calcium scoring test, which showed a lot of calcium (plaque) deposits in or near one of my coronary arteries. So, they did an angioscopy. The plaque was not inside my arteries, but they say it could be in the lining of the artery itself - another form of arteriosclerosis. However, my heart doctor cleared me for surgery. So, first let me say that the ECG is only the first step and failing it does not mean that you necessarily have anything wrong. Second, yes, you can still be cleared for surgery. You would need a "surgical clearance letter". So, just follow through with what ever your surgeon says he needs to proceed. If they say they won't operate, then there is likely a good reason. I hope this helps some.