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04-07-2007, 07:38 PM
I have had Scheuermann's kyphosis since I was 15. (I am now 54) It is a hereditary condition in my family. Other than being unsightly, it has never brought me pain or limited my activities in any significant way. (I have never considered surgery because my insurance wouldn't pay for it, because it would really only be cosmetic. Of course, I couldn't begin to pay for it myself. Nor would I want to take that kind of risk just for the sake of beauty.) I am in pretty good physical shape otherwise; I work out and run everyday. I also do strength training and flexibility everyday. My BMI is 21. But if you have this condition, you know that my spine doesn't move past a certain point. It doesn't matter how much I exercise.

I am writing this because I tried to ride a bicycle recently and found that my curved spine seemed to be pushing my upper body down into the handlebars. My hands became numb and my arms and shoulders ached. This is a sport I would really like to participate in. Is there anyone out there who has Scheuermann's or treats it who can tell me if there is anything (short of surgery) that I can do to get my back to the point where I can ride a bike comfortably? Or is this simply a sport that is not compatable with this condition?

I appreciate any advise you can offer. Thank you.

Michael Barga
04-08-2007, 05:52 PM
You might want to try a bike shop that has different styles of bikes...there are bikes made for back pain sufferers .. not for sure if these would work though. Many styles of handlebars and seats are available also. A good bike person might be able to give you some suggestions or maybe a physical therapist could suggest a style. Good luck on finding one that works for you.