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03-01-2007, 03:02 PM
Anyone else out there have worse pain in the back & hips after given orthotics to wear? This stems from an on-the-job injury when I broke my ankle last year. Now podiatrist's treatment plan calls for orthotics but to me the remedy is causing more pain. Podiatrist won't deal with spine & spine Dr. won't deal with orthotics issue....no scientific evidence that they would cause pain or some such thing & doctors are worried about their reputations??? Whatever that has to do with my issues. :confused:

I work in bridge engineering - if a bridge's piers & columns are retrofit too stiffly then there will be stresses on the substructure & deck from the earth's movement causing fractures. How is the body any different? The foot's foundation is changed resulting in stresses that will reverberate throughout the body. This makes logical scientific sense to me. Why can't the doctors see that? Once I threw that "scientific fact" out to him, he was flustered but more cooperative with me. :p

It just doesn't seem logical to wear orthotics during the day then switch to slippers or barefoot after taking shoes off. The feet go into another position & then whole body has to readjust again. So the body readjusts to the support of orthotics & then readjusts again when not worn. These constant adjustments resulted in severe knee, hip, back, shoulder blade & neck pain and headaches for me. The pain shot right up the body from the feet to the head!! I finally got a MAT physical therapy session to get all my muscles activated correctly, stopped wearing the orthotics & felt back to normal w/in 24 hours.

So what's up with these Drs who say we don't have pain or refuse to address our issues? They don't live in our bodies & I am getting down right annoyed in my old age with their consistent know-it-all attitude. :mad: They should have to live just one day with our pain & they'd be cry babies. :rolleyes:

Input please. Cynthia :)

Lab Dog
03-03-2007, 01:19 PM
I severely sprained my ankle and ruptured my Achilles' tendon 2 summers ago. As a result I can no longer wear any kind of heel that is more than 1 inch high or my back kills me (and I don't have scoliosis). For several months I wore my hunting boots since they had great ankle and arch support--looked pretty strange at church, but I didn't care. The podiatrist would probably tell you to wear the orthotics all the time so your back will adjust. What do you think? Do you need the orthotics any more or is your ankle pretty much back to normal? Would physical therapy be an alternative to the orthotics? Sometimes people have to do what works for them even if its a bit contrary to a drs opinion.

03-04-2007, 06:41 PM
Tks for your input. Appreciate it. Ankle fracture healed & orthotics are part of the podiatrists treatment plan for most people....but scolis are not most people!! :cool: I know the podiatrist wants me to wear them all the time but that is part of the problem. When I wear slippers or go barefoot, my back has to re-adjust to the different gait. So I am going back & forth between two different gaits by introducing the orthotics. It's been a week now since I stopped wearing them & I am feeling back to normal, walking again & no more hip pain or headaches. :D

The doctors don't seem to want to listen to us patients about our sciolosis pain...or in this case the orthotics affecting my posture & structure. This I don't understand. Seems from my experience as an adult & from this forum, doctors are not in agreement about scoliosis as a disease & its accompanying symptons &/or pain. :confused: Is it all in our head? No, it's our body & we live in it so why don't they listen to us. Tks for letting me expound. Now to tell the doctor's I didn't listen to them about the orthotics. :rolleyes: