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02-10-2007, 10:05 AM
Hi everyone! This is my first time ever posting on a forum before. I wish I knew about something like this when I was diagnosed in the 6th grade. I'm now an 18 year old freshman in college and was diagnosed with scoliosis in the 6th grade (not sure what my curvature degrees were to begin with but i believe they now reside around 35T and 33L). I was put into a Boston Brace for 2 years, 23/7.. oh the joy that was!! After I stopped growing and was taken out of the brace, an osteoid osteoma tumor was found and removed from my L3. I recently had an MRI and had some findings (most likely due to the scoliosis still present). Of course I don't understand anything in the report and I don't get to meet with my doctor yet. I was just wondering if I posted some of my report findings anyone might see something familiar or have had similar issues with themselves. I looked up some of the words, but they seem to be caused from aging? I'm only 18 though? Does that seem weird?

L5-S1= Disc space loss, desiccation of the disc, right paracentral disc herniation abuting and causing flattening of the right S1 nerve root, and right aspect of the thecal sac. Degenerative changes of the lower lumbar spine with facet hypertrophy and mild central stenosis.

Thanks everyone! have a great week!
<3 Francesca

02-10-2007, 10:29 AM

Welcome. Yes, it's a great forum - I, too, wish I had found it years sooner.

I'm no expert but my husband has always had back problems (not scoliosis - but bulging discs, lower back pain, etc.) and numerous MRIs over the years, and I've seen some of those terms before (disc herniation, mild stenosis).

I don't think it necesssarily means anything too serious. They always have "findings" on my husbands MRIs but he's basically OK despite some lower back pain at times but that's not unusual at his age.

That being said, it sounds like you have a herniated disc (are you in pain?) and "degenerative changes of the lower lumbar spine" is not very specific as they don't say what kind of changes. I agree that it is uncommon for someone your age but, as you say, it might simply be related to your scoliosis.

I would try to meet with your doctor as soon as you can just to ease your mind - perhaps even get the report and the films to him and then call him to discuss it over the phone if you can't get in there right away. I'm sure he can explain it best.

Good luck - and keep us posted.

02-13-2007, 08:27 PM
I had my doctors visit the other day and was told that I have an L5-S herniated disc and disc bulge (dont really know where, somewhere on my lower spine). My disc of the lower spine seem to be drying out, loosing their purpose of serving as a cushion. The disc bulge is pushing and flattening the S1 nerve root causing sharp lower back pain and right leg/buttock area. I can't stand for long periods of time (I work in a retail store part time so this is inconvenient, but hey, i'm a college student, I need to pay for tuition somehow! haha) and sitting also hurts a great deal (not great for long days of classes). My doctor wants to wait until August to re-evaluate my progression of scoliosis (if any) and see if any of my disc's have gotten worse. He wants to then refer me to a neurosurgeon to fix the disc bulge area. Is it really necessary for me to wait until August? My mother and I are afraid that my doctor knows all to well how much pain I can take and thinks i can handle what I'm dealing with now so he isn't pushing to have my current pain relieved. I don't know if I can stand 6+ more months of constant pain. Should I ask my doctor to refer me sooner? Or am I just being a big baby and shud suck it up for awhile? Im just confused at why I should have to wait so long when my pain is clearly a great issue. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

02-15-2007, 03:41 PM
Suck it up? I think not. We all know how much pain is involved with scoliosis. I think, perhaps you would be better if you had the doc refer you now instead of letting this terrific pain ruin your college years.

Sharon D.
05-25-2007, 06:29 PM
re scoliosis pain. My 22 year old son has had problems with terrible scoliosis pain over the past few years, including all through university. In desperation, a few months ago, he had a Spinecor brace fitted. He can't believe it, his pain began diminishing daily, and he is now virtually pain free!

I am not accustomed to these forums but we are so happy with the results that I want to spread the word to other scoliosis pain sufferers. I know family guy promotes it, and he's right on - this brace certainly did wonders for my son, when all else failed.

If you want to e-mail me, I'm at sharondunn@rogers.com

01-11-2008, 04:56 PM
Hi everyone!
its been almost a year since i last posted on this thread! Went for another CT and MRI yesterday. My doctor kept calling it my preoperative evaluation (still waiting to see if he's really serious about an operation being involved in the future! ha) Anyways, my findings were close to being the same as last year.( he emailed them to me today, which i thought to be very nice, except now i don't know what anything means and must wait until next week to figure out what's the next step)
L3-L4 and L4-L5... disc bulge, facet hypertrophy, and central canal stenosis
L5-S1... Disc desiccation, loss of disc height with a right paracentral disc herniation causing the flattening of the thecal sac and right S1 nerve root. Also, evidence for a new annular tear.

I decided to do some of my own research, which of course, freaked me out. I looked up most of the scan results and found that these degenerative changes seemed to occur in people over 50 due to the natural aging process. Hellooo?! I'm 19! I asked my Dr. if these changes were due to my scoli and he said no and that it is not that common for someone my age to have these issues. I'm now dumbfounded as in why someone my age can have the same conditions as a person in their 50s?? Has anyone had these issues at a young age? What did you do for the pain? Thanks for the help guys!