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02-05-2007, 07:35 PM
i went for my pre-op and registration today.my surgery is at 7:30 thursday morning.everything looked good on my blood tests ecept they said i have sugar in my urine but my sugar levels are fine.i dont really understand what could cause that ? the dr told me they are just fixing the lumbar curve and that the top curve would fix itself.he is fusing from L3 to S1. so at least the top part of me should be mobile,i just hate that my disks are bad and need replacing.im so glad im not fused all the way down but still when they explain the risks it still scares you.

02-05-2007, 08:13 PM
I will be praying for you! Keep your head up you will do fine :)

02-05-2007, 08:42 PM
Best of luck! I'll be praying for you.

I'll be in your shoes a few months from now.


57 degree thorasic curve

02-06-2007, 04:21 AM
Thinking of you...

02-06-2007, 09:55 AM
I'll be praying for you. Looking forward to hearing from you post-op!


Karen Ocker
02-06-2007, 10:04 AM
Have the tests re-done.

My husband had this experience:

After a prostatectomy for cancer the PSA tests should read "0". This is to insure no prostate cells remain; if it(PSA value) goes up then prostate cancer might remain/or recurr. Four months after surgery it read "4". The surgeon was suspicious because, even with recurrence, it would never go up that fast. He did not believe the lab; we had the test re-done at a different lab and the results were "0".

Lab errors occur, mix-ups can happen. Always give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Insurance usually covers re-testing. The specimen container might have some type of residue--especially if someone used a jelly jar to bring in the specimen.

02-06-2007, 10:12 AM
Trudy--I will be sending good thoughts your way.....all my best, Lynne :)

Linda G
02-06-2007, 11:03 AM
Trudy, when the lab tested me it showed I had a hormone that is only in pregnant women. I have had a total hysterectomy so that was impossible. I was tested twice and then again after the surgery. After the surgery it was a different lab and it was neg. No one could explain what the deal was but I knew for sure I wasn't having a baby. Both Dr. Shelokov and Eric got a giggle out of that and was teasing my husband about passing out cigars. I am praying for you. You will soon be on the other side of this and on your way to healing.
Linda G.

02-06-2007, 01:09 PM
I hope your surgery goes well. The best of luck to you.

02-06-2007, 01:29 PM
Good luck, Trudy. You've asked some really good questions lately that have helped me to prepare, also.

02-06-2007, 01:52 PM
Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery -


02-06-2007, 02:56 PM
good luck gayle

you will do fine and it will defo change your life for the better



02-07-2007, 01:19 AM
Hi Trudy,

My thoughts and prayers will be with you also!!! The blood tests are not always accurate. So don't focus on that.

We are all here for you,