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02-01-2007, 11:54 AM
Hey y'all I just posted this in the adult section, but I thought y'all should know about this too. Because I'm only 18, I had surgery @ 13, and it could happen to you, and if your going through this right now, know it can be helped.
Hey I just wanted to say my story.. I had surgery for scoliosis when I was 13, on Aug 20th, 2001 (How strange is it that you can not forget the date). Now 5 1/2 yrs later at the age of 18, I recently had an extreme pain that caused spasms that made me cry (and I dont cry easily), I'm a freshman in college and life doesnt stop for a little pain. So, I forced myself to continue threw it, taking asprin and tylanol but of course it was like taking vitamens. Now, my father owns his own pharmacy, and I work there. After seeing the pain I was in, he gave me stronger medications, and we set up an appointment with my scoliosis doctor. Sadly to say not even the medications he gave me could help the pain. The pain became so bad that the spasms would cause paralysis in my legs (only temporarily) but enough to cause me to fall if I was walking or standing. Also, I had problems breathing and chest pains. After my doctor's visit, he didnt know what was wrong, but he did have a solution. Rod removal surgery, only after he tried anti-inflamatory meds, and arthritis meds. Neither worked, and I just scheduled my surgery for March 14th, in the middle of my Spring Break. I am a sorority girl, in college. I should be living the happiest times of my life, but instead I am heavily medicated getting through my classes waiting for the day of surgery knowing that post op pain will be lesser than what I am dealing with now. So pray for me, and any questions. Just ask. -Ali K

02-02-2007, 08:36 PM
Alleycat of course I will pray for you. Goodness that is so unreal. In 2001 you were operated on and the rods coming out now. Are they absolutely sure that, that is what is causing all this, and if so what about the scoliosis with the rods out, will it continue to curve and get worse as you get older.? This
is so important to know. Are the doctors you have seen the Adult scoliosis doctors who specialise in revision surgery, and have they had a lot of ex perience in this type of operation and the reasons for it.
If you havent already I would ask these questions so at least you will know what to expect. What rods did they put in your back?

Bless you
Love Macky

I just read the posts in the adult section. I did not realise that there was another area where people had answered. I think you will find honey that people are worried about you. Its a nusiance not being able to have an MRI. A lot of people think they cant because of the rods, but they can. You seem not to be able to for some other reason.
You see dear there have been some pretty nasty reactions to some people having their rods out, and on this forum as it is a caring forum ,people worry a lot there are many people on here who can help and explain as they have lived it. I think that is what that advice was referring to, no body here puts any body down. honestly.

02-06-2007, 07:49 PM
Thanks, yeah, I sometimes over react and Im not usually like that. It's mostly all these pain medications and other medications I'm on. They really make it hard for me to think straight and be me. My surgeon has forty years of experience. He has performed the removal surgery and really knows what he is talking about. He has been with me through all of this, and he is also retiring soon. So... My parents and I have made a decision that this is the best option. The fusion is solid so my curve should not return and if it does than we will deal with it when it happens. I'm living in the moment and right now I cant live like this so I have to do something to make it better. -Ali K

02-11-2007, 10:17 PM
Hi sweety, I know what you mean about pain getting you down. I truly wish you all the very best honey and please email me and let me know how things go.

Macky xx

02-16-2007, 12:10 PM
As with any major surgery, if you haven't gone for a second opinion yet, do it soon.

02-17-2007, 01:55 PM
Alleycat, you wrote, "After my doctor's visit, he didnt know what was wrong, but he did have a solution. Rod removal surgery." I agree w/ the last post, that you should get a second opinion. I completely understand that you need to do something...you should not have to endure this much pain, but I suggest that you another opinion, or 2.

02-18-2007, 07:11 PM
Several doctors have consulted on it, from curiousity to being friends with of my father and wanting to add there two sense to everything.
I was reading something about skinny females tend to have more back pain and tenderness than any other patients. Also, my aunt was telling me today at a party (she works at the hosptial and is good friends with my doctor) about more information about what he thinks and why he is going through with this. Mostly he knows me very well. I am extremly active and outgoing. Very thin and will always be on the skinny side (5'6, 105lbs). The back muscles because of the rods always will remain on the weaker side, which with me being so active is causing pulled back muscles, stress fracture, and even tears in some of the muscles. So his solution is rod removal surgery. Oh, btw, my doctor is also retiring, and he wants to perform the surgery, because no one around here is good enough for his standards to perform it. lol, thanks -Ali K

A User Is Me
03-09-2007, 10:23 PM
I am sorry about your suffering. I am facing surgery for 15 year old son. What instrument did your doctor used and what type of scoliosis and deg did you have. Did you also have pain before the surgery.

03-10-2007, 06:12 AM
Well, I never learned all the right names. So here is what I know. I was 13 when I found out I had Scoliosis. I was on vacation at the beach with all my family (aunts,uncles, cousins, and grandparents who were all far to familiar with Scoliosis). Everytime I had a bathing suit on they would ask me to bend over or move this way or that... I had no clue what it was about.. but I had never been checked for it in school because I moved around alot and every school had a different opinion on what grade it should be checked for. Well, when I went to a specialist he said figured out I had it and it was already at 52 or so degrees. He suggested surgery as soon as possible and that is what we did. From June (when it was discovered) to Aug 20, 2001 (surgery date) it increased 15 degrees. I actually have three curves... two smaller ones above and below the major one that at the time of surgery were about 30 each. I never felt any pain beforehand... and my scoliosis because of the two smaller ones made it hardly noticeable if I had a shirt on.
Now the surgery itself I had was a spinal fusion with hip bone graphs and metal rods put in. I dont know what the names for the rods are. So I wont take a guess.
I am going to have surgery on Wednesday the 14th, four days now to have the metal rods removed. This is a rare circumstance though, and probably wont happen with your son. I hope he has the best of luck with what ever decision you decide to make. God Bless-Ali K.