View Full Version : Sybaling attention and no attention 4 the oldest i need 2 get smething off my chest!!

Scoliosis Baby
01-18-2007, 10:52 PM
:mad: k im the oldest in the family i have 1 lil bro and he always gets me in trouble!!!!! whenever we get in a fight i get in the most trouble even though most of the time my bro starts it!!!!!! if i say frikkin i get in trouble and everytime i tell my brother to clean up the bathroom i get in trouble!!!!! even though after he takes a bath he leaves the bathroom an absolute MESS!!!!!! i hate it!!!!!! 1 time we had our neighbours over 2 go swimming and i was watching them and my brother kept wipping me with the towel and he was M-A-D as ever and so i locked him out but tried 2 let my neighbours in he got in and started whipping me w/ the towel and i seriously thought he would beat me to death so my neighbours dad came 2 pick them up and tried 2 take my bro down 2 their house i got yelled @ and blamed 4 it!!!! my parents kept saying i was emberassing the family cuz u could hear us screaming half way down the st. so i got in BIG trouble!!!!! my parents r soooooooooooooo unfair when it comes 2 punishing us cuz i'm almost always the 1 who gets in trouble!!!!!!! does anyne else have this problem?????? or is it just me???? i mean i do lie 2 my parents but we all have and im not proud of it and i don't tell them everything cuz it's not really their buisness right???? haaaaaaaa im SOOOOOOOO glad i got that off my chest!!!!!!! :( plz respond!!!!! it would be much appreciated!!!

luv always,

01-19-2007, 01:29 PM
Hey, i get what you mean! My brother is 21/2 years younger than me, and used to be SO obnoxious. Here is my advice for you: Try ignoring him and maybe he will go away. If that doesn't wrk than lock yourself in the bathroom until he finally goes away. I suggest you bring a magazine or something. Tell yr parents you werent feeling good and you thought you might throw up at any second and you didnt want to get yr little brother sick! If that doesn't work, i dont know what to tell you!
Sometimes it seems to me that my brother is treated WAY better than I am, but yr parents might just be blind to the fact that they might actually have a little deamon child! It's just hard for parents to admit that something like yr brother cussing at you at his age is really happening. Is he a perfect little angel when they are around? If so, it sounds familiar. Luckily for me, my little brother got diagnosed with ADHD and now he takes pills so that he USUALLY doesn't run around the house or scream at the PS2. Thats the other thing, he got preoccupied with video games. We have a day off and guess what he's doing?? Video games. and when his friends come over he is SO hyper!! He yells, i mean YELLS at the PS2, or computer, or his PSP, because yess he is a spoiled little brat. Luckily when no one is over, those are what keep him calm and preoccupied! Maybe you should get yr brother something like that for his next birthday. Go up to yr parents and say "I really think he deserves something as special as a PS2 or PSP. He has really been treating me better lately and i want to pay him back for that." If yr parents are as you described them, then they probly already thought about it!
Okay, sorry this is so long. Any other questions and i bet I can help...My brother, and my 2 cousins, all younger than me, have ADHD! You'd be surprised at what I've learned to do!

Scoliosis Baby
01-22-2007, 08:36 PM
my brother isin luuuuv w/ me in like a family way and ur story sounds exactly like mine except we don't have a ps2 but we do have a gamecube!!! my brother also has adhd and it's pretty bad and he is a little mental. he does try 2 b nice most of the time but that annoys me so i mostly just ignore him but when we r home alon 2gether the minute my mom is off the street we start SCREAMING @ each other. Then I GET BLAMED 4 IT!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it!!!!!! but like urs my parents r also blind 2 the fact that they have a demon child!!!!! :mad: He gets SOOOOOOOO much attention though just not all of it is good!!!!!!! wutever!!!!!!! im soooooo sick right now i have walking pnemonia don't ask wut the walking means cuz i have no idea!!!!! :(