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10-06-2003, 11:32 AM
Hi people,If any of you are willing to share you surgery experiences(mine might be a 9 pt. fusion-T9 to S1), I'd be most interested in hearing them. Feel free to email me at l5pine@aol.com.

10-07-2003, 05:33 PM
I had A/P surgery 02/02 at UCSF. First, great care at the hospital. Got excellant pain control post surgery and nursing staff is very caring. I think I'm permentantly bonded to my Doc. LOL

I did OK post a/p. Went home about 14 days after the surgery. Five months after the surgery I became infected from the inside out and had to go back in to have a screw removed because of infection. Two months later, I was back in for more surgery...an other screw removal/infection. Then less than a month later, I again had to go back in. This time however all of the hardware was removed that was put in in Feburary, 8 months prior!

When I went in for the A/P, I was prepared for pain/bracing/weakness and generally not feeling well for a period of several months. What I was not prepared for was infection. I remember being told about the risk for infection, but I never considered that it would happen. I was taking vitamins/PT 3 times a week for several months prior to surgery. I read everything (some twice!!) that I could get my hands on about flatback and the surgery. I just didn't think about getting an infection, particularly 5 months after the fact.

If I had to do it over again.....you bet. Even knowing how sick I was, it was worth every miserable second

11-22-2003, 05:56 PM
I had A/P surgery - fused T11-L5. Correction for a 48 degree curve. Dr. Dennis Crandall in Phoenix did my surgery and he is FANTASTIC! The week in the hopsital is quite a blur- went well, had a lung collapse that kept me in a few extra days. I stayed in the Phoenix area recuperating with my mother's help for about three weeks after I got out of the hospital before flying back home to Alaska. Was up and walking with a walker right away- although quite painful in the hospital. The more I walked, the better I felt. Had instructions to use walker for 3 mos. Was wanting to pitch it after 2, but used it as directed - they didin't want me falling. One of the doctors I saw while in the hopsital put it this way- "You'll hurt like hell the first 3 mos and start feeling like yourself around 6 mos." He was pretty darn close. I had to use pain meds for about 5 months, but the doc would refill monthly and cut back the strenths, so I did fine. The best thing was when I started physical therapy after my 4 month X-rays. It really did a lot for helping me feel good again. Am now 7 mos post op- haven't used pain meds in a couple months, except once when I over did it and didn't do my home exercises like I should have. I have a new and deeper appreciation for exercise. I was disappointed that I did gain some weight - but sitting around for months and pacifying myself with chocolate does tend to do that- it is my own fault. But now I am walking 45 min - 1 hour/day on the treadmill and feeling GREAT! Would be happy to share my before and after X-rays with anyone and share about anything.