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09-11-2006, 06:25 AM
i called the doctor last week because my leg was numbed. he sent me b12 shots and said i might have fibromyalgia. i'm a vegan but taking supplements i asked about the possibility of a b12 deficiency but he said it was unlikely given that i take supplements. i called my aunt who's a doctor and she says i have scoliosis. she diagnosed me years ago with flat feet (very flat, i have practically no arch). she told me to get physicall therapy, do yoga to make my lower back stronger, and wear something with my shoes for the flat feet, i'm not sure what, i'll get into it later.
a few years i started feeling strong pain in my sacroiliac joint, and i have two huge balls there that hurt. they got x-rays and found nothing. is this related? my leg numbness (it's only the left, from the knee to the ankle) is also related to scoliosis? no doctor has mentioned surgery here, they even say it's not serious, but i'm only 20 and i'm in pain like my grandma. I don't have visible deformity, in fact no one had ever noticed a curve on my back.
when i was maybe 5 years old my mom took me to physicall therapy because my hips were messed up, one leg looked shorter than the toher because my gravity center on my hips was worng or something, i'm not sure, but it was something like that, and i had to put a thick carboard piece on my shoe for years to make it even. it's even now, but maybe it has something to do with it.
if anyone has any helful info, like exercise to do at home, or something about the numbness (how to make it go away) i would really appreciate it.

09-11-2006, 05:06 PM
Hi Vikki,

I am not a medical professional (nor are most of the posters here) but your symtpoms sound suspciously like some type of autoimmune something going on. Many patients with connective tissue disorders have very similar symptoms you have, including the feet issues. My suggestion is to contact a doctor (either a primary care doc or an endocrinologist or someone else who specializes in connective tissue disorders). With the numbness in your leg, you should have a full-spine MRI to rule out any spinal cord abnormalities. These things would be done already in an ideal world. Keep asking questions of the medical professionals you see. Hopefully someone will help you soon.