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03-28-2004, 03:46 PM
First of all, I'm wondering why the rheumatologist I saw (a Cleveland Clinic doc!) didn't mention anything about spurs or arthritis.

So, I'm wondering what to do now. The chiro said I should come back once a week for awhile to wean me off treatment. And why did the chiro discuss this arthritis, spurs, degeneration etc., yet the rheumatologist didn't? I guess I'm wrestling with this. Was the chiro more thorough, or did he just want me to get treatment? Did the rheumatologist maybe just think this was too mild to even do anything about, since he sees people with more advanced problems?

I guess I'm looking for opinions on this, and if I should see a different dr, maybe an orthopedist? And can anything be done for an adult with this problem, other than surgery or muscle relaxer meds? And, why do muscle relax meds help so much if this is a bone issue and not a muscle issue?



05-02-2004, 05:09 PM

I have been just recently diagnosed with scoliosis, too (40s). I have been to all types of doctors, therapists, etc. I have taken and am taking all kinds of meds, with not too much pain relief.

I'm taking Skelaxin (sp?) as a muscle relaxer, but it helps only a small amount. What type of muscle relaxer do you take, if you don't mind telling me?



05-02-2004, 07:29 PM
Hi, Cassie. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Do you mind if I ask what degree your curve is?

My dr. also rx'd Skelaxin, which helped. But, the dr. I saw before this dr. rx'd Cyclobenzaprine. That stuff works really well, but can make you drowsy. So I found it was better to take the Cyclobenzaprine in the evening, and Skelaxin in the day.

But, I am not in pain now. Most of my discomfort was due to some muscle knots around my shoulder blade, and a massage therapist helped with that. Also, I've ordered the Yoga for Scoliosis DVD and book off this site. I haven't received it yet, but I'm hoping that it will help to keep me somewhat limber.

Is your pain in your upper or lower back?


05-05-2004, 06:59 PM
Rheumitiod arthrits is often diagnosed by symptoms. The rhumetoid factor that can show up in the blood isn't always there. there are doctors out there that won't diagnose arthritis without the factor present. (not the right name, but close anyways) I've done a lot of reading on arthritis and blood work doesn't always count. I also know (from my husband who was in neucleor radiology) that muscle relaxers are given for muscle pain. The hope is that the relaxor will ease the muscle and allow the pain to ease up. It doesn't work for everyone though, my husband is one. As far as arthritis, any kind, is concerned you can get a different diagnosis from any doctor you go to! I have rheumitoid arthritis and have had to "prove" it to my doctors. It took medical records or a bone scan of my feet to "prove" it in my case. Try not to be too upset about all of it. With rheumitoid arthritis warmth helps painful joints. SO does antiinflamitiories. I use herbal remeidies to control mine and am now off of my pain meds. If you'd like to know what I do let me know, I'm always willing to share!

05-10-2004, 02:08 PM

My scoliosis is 36 degrees. I , too, have just recently ( last two weeks - once a week) started seeing a massage therapist. I think that she may be helping me more than Physical Therapy or any meds that I have been on. Its nice to know that you had success with the massages!

My pain is in my upper back (mainly), shoulder blade, very tight and painful neck muscles and shoulders, and very painful rigcage on my right side due to inflammation in my rib muscles.

Thanks for the reply and the information on the medications. I'm going to ask my doctor about cyclobenzaprine.