View Full Version : People with Scoliosis should meet

03-27-2004, 07:23 PM
The International Scoliosis meetup day is in 18 days - April 15th. I think it would be great if a number of us get together to "chat and chew" in real life. I have lived with sco. for 16 yrs, yet I have met only 2 people with it. It is a very isolating disease. I used to be a model, with everyone about me thinking I was physically better than them. But, I had this secret that has isolated me from "regular" people. I was ridiculed severely by my siblings as an adolescent. And I formed a complex of shame. So outwardly I look perfect, yet I know I am not. Infact, since I was diagnosed, I have gone swimming only twice, with my shirt or singlet on.

I know family can be supportive (as my mother was). But, only someone who has or is going through the same trials and emotions can be truely empathetic. That is why I urge you who is reading this to sign-up with http://scoliosis.meetup.com so that you can meet with real people in your area especially oustide any type of "healthcare" to truely open up to. I know that there are many people like me.....and I think its time to put an end to it.