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08-06-2006, 11:15 AM
Hi guys.

I have a thoracic/lumbar curve of about 30 degrees and I know that I'm scheduled to have an operation next year. I find the pain really bad at times - especially after long periods of exercise, walking or even standing up. But most of the time, it's more of a dull ache that I can almost ignore.
I don't want to have to rely on paracetamol for this pain so I was thinking about going for physio... is there any1 out there who has physio and thinks that it truly helps? Or are there simply some exercises I can do at home to ease the pain?? I'd be grateful if any1 could reply.

Jen x x

08-28-2006, 03:09 PM
I will be taking my 22 year old daughter to a physical therapy clinic in WI, US that specializes in scoliosis treatment soon and hope that she will be able to manage her symptoms and slow the progression of her curves. While shopping for a treatment program, I came across a clinic in Suffolk, UK, which appears to do the same. It was started by a young woman with scoliosis who claims to have had longterm relief from treatment at another clinic in Spain. Her UK clinic is run similarly to the one where she received treatment. Check out her website at erikamaude.com. Good luck!

08-29-2006, 09:14 AM
I am attending my first Physio class on Friday so I will tell you how it goes. My doctor advised physio for me as I have alot of pain (even know :( )

08-29-2006, 10:48 AM
Hi Jen, thanks for the info... I'll check it out!!

And hi again Jadey, hope it all goes well for you!! x x

09-29-2006, 10:19 PM
Hi Jen-Jen,
You were asking about physical therapy helping with scoliosis. I am not sure, but I would imagine that it could. I have three curves, but my worst is my middle one and it's in the 90s. I am choosing not to get the surgery because I have an existing lung condition and it doesn't correct the scoliosis as one may think. I have to do yoga stretching for the rest of my life because my scoliosis is inoperable because of the lung condition.

09-30-2006, 12:02 AM
Hi Jenjen :
Please contact :info@schroth-skoliosebehabdlung.de and

Definetelly the Schroth method if you follow it will be of great assistance to decrese pain and increase functional activity .
Most of the time the pain is cause by allowing yourself to rest sitting or standing on the side of the " hump "; shift to the opposite side and elongate.

09-30-2006, 04:19 AM
Hey coloradogirl, thanks for the advice. Do u find that yoga-stretchin helps a lot? sorry, to hear bout 3 curves - i can barely cope with 1! you got my respect. At the mo im just sorta stretchin in the morning s to try n work up sum flexibility but i think i need sumthin a bit more... longterm and professional.

BETall, thanks for the contact - im gonna try it out and see. I definitely get the most pain when im standing or carryin things.

thanks guys

x x