View Full Version : I hope I'm a good patient?

07-19-2006, 10:25 AM
Met with my sister & mom on the beach yesterday & discussed drop off of boys before surgery & other details... they both were mad at me that I cut the lawn before I came down(I have a hilly yard to say the least..) My sister said the hardest part for me will be to 'be a good patient on recovery & don't undo all the good that will be done'....she thinks I do way too much now(obviously)...I would think it's the worst by the 3 mth or so when you are feeling better & wish you could do stuff???? I guess I have'nt looked past the surgery part yet since that's the big thing to get thru first! One obstacle at a time... Ly :eek:

07-19-2006, 11:38 AM
I'm sure you'll be a good patient. You do not downplay things and have a realistic outlook of what's ahead. Yes, you may be frustrated because you can't immediately do all the things you did before surgery. However, you will have limitations and your body will remind you that you are not ready to mow the lawn, garden, mop the floor, etc. You likely won't want to do much of anything for a while. If you do more than you should, you'll know it. Try not to worry. I know you will do fine. ;)

07-19-2006, 09:19 PM

I think it will be the same thing for me--I'm used to running the show and it will be hard to give up control and have to depend on others. Plus the two that I'll depend on, my husband and daughter, are both the babies of their family and used to being waited on. So not sure how they'll do when the tables are turned!

I told my sister in law to come by the house once a month for a health inspection and make sure that rats are not nesting in the house yet!


07-20-2006, 01:30 PM

This too was a major concern of mine,remember?? I was so worried about not being in charge and my husband needing to take over! Deb, they will step up to the plate! I did have a housekeeper come in a couple of times and that eased my mind. By the time you start to FEEL like doing a few things you will be O.K. The hardest thing for me is the weight limitations. 5 lbs till 3 months then 10 lbs till 6 months. At least I hope at 6 months I can lift more!! I am 5 months out now and do pretty much everything. (Except for lifting and bending/twisting.) I think back and it seems like such a long time ago I had surgery. I can't wait to see my Dr. at my 6 month check up! He is going to be floored how GREAT I am doing and feeling!! Yipee! Plan on relaxing and get a good book and some magazines. Treat yourself to some cute new loungewear you will feel good in and can greet guests in. Pretend you are on vacation and you will stay sane! This is a time your family will pay you back for all the care and nuturing you have given them in the past.