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Ellen Johnson
10-03-2003, 03:00 PM
I have really enjoyed reading the other messages. This site has provided two firsts for me-- one is reading, hearing about other people with ongoing scoliosis concerns, and where curves of 100 aren't weird; the other is, I have never used the internet before for anything but researching.
I have two questions regarding my current situation:
Over the past year I have been ignoring symptoms which have increased enough over the past two weeks that I am now paying attention. I had a surgery in 96 for spinal stenosis, secodary to pseudarthrosis, had a dural leak and blood patch and since then have had some bowel incontinence, urinary retention -- this has been increasing over the past year, and then 2 weeks ago, I had pain in my right and left leg, numbness in my left foot. My orthopod, whom I called, and unfortuanetly is 1000 miles away, told me to see a neurologist, but whenever I have seen the local neurologist for concerns at all related to the scoli, he tells me to see my orthopod. I am trying to contact a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins that was recommended, but haven't had success yet. I guess, my questions are 1. when others have had stenosis have they had this run a round and what have they done? and 2. anyone know a really good physician--either neurosurgeon or orhopedist, within a three to four hour radius of central PA? Thank you and I'm sorry that I've been so long winded.

10-23-2003, 08:12 PM
Hi Ellen,

An excellent spinal stenosis surgeon in the Harrisburg area (Camp Hill actually!) is Dr. Stephen Wolf of the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania. He can be reached at (717) 761-5530. As a warning - he always has a waiting list to get an appointment.

As for me, I am a patient of Dr. John Kostuik at Johns Hopkins. He performed both of my fusion surgeries (March 2000 and September 2002). I have been very happy with him as my doctor. If you would like any more info, please feel free to email me at the addy in my bio. Just make sure you put "scoliosis" or something similar in the subject line so I don't throw you out with the spam!

Best Wishes,