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07-12-2006, 10:10 AM
Hi everyone,

I have kind of a personal question, but I think it would help to find someone with the same sort of issues. If talk about breasts makes you uncomfortable, read no further.

I developed early, and before I had my surgery (at age 12). I therefore developed pretty unevenly and this wasn't fixed by the surgery. To make things worse, I have size D breasts that I absolutly hate. I always feel that they do not fit my personality and they do not look right with the clothing I like to wear. General size aside, they are still uneven. The smaller is only about a C, maybe even less. This causes me a great deal of anxiety and I am very self-conscious, because of both the size and the unevenness. I am in pretty good shape, and I often feel like my breasts are a totally seperate entity, and do not even match the rest of my body. I hate feeling this way over something that is probably more visible to me than anyone else. I am considering surgery for the larger breast, to make it smaller and even with the other. I know that this question isn't totally about scoliosis, but that's what started this whole issue. Does anyone else have an "unevenness" problem they'd care to share... and maybe what they do to deal with it? I'd appreciate your openness :) Thanks!

07-12-2006, 10:40 PM
Hi Jen, I don't have this problem but my best friend did. She had her scoliosis surgery when she was 16 and never developed on one side, at all! So you are not alone in having scoliosis causing uneveness. She had augmentation to fix her problem, you could have a reduction to make them match or reduce them both if you want. Plastic surgery is a walk in the park compared to back surgery!

07-12-2006, 11:37 PM
Hi Jen! Do you have a special bra made for you to balance you out? Between now and when you decide to have the surgery or not, I have heard of many women getting fitted for special bras that "even" you out. This would mean that they would put extra padding in the smaller cup, so you'd end up looking more equal when you are dressed. I know many women who have had breast cancer who has gone that route, for one or both breasts. Maybe you already have that, but just in case. :)

And like Suzy said, that type of surgery would be not nearly as bad as what you went through for your back. You would probably not be able to breast feed, at least on that side (I presume) but I imagine the recovery would be fairly speedy.