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06-30-2006, 12:11 AM
Well I have been thinking about this for a while and I am finally going to do it monday. I am going to see a practitioner from the clear institute in Calgary Canada. I am from B.C Canada so it is about 500 miles away. Luckily I have relatives to stay with there. I will be recieving about a weeks worth of treatment. My hope is I can get some pain relief. If not I guess I will just call it a holiday. I am skeptical but hopefull. I will advise on my results when I get back next week. All the best, Bish.

07-12-2006, 06:30 PM
Hey gang,
Did my thing in calgary and have no change. As a matter of fact the chiro I saw told me that he did not think my pain was due to scoliosis.He also said that although I do have a 25degree thoracic curve, the key indicator that the clear institute uses to treat patients was not present.The look for some abnormal curvature in the neck that is supposedly common in patients with scoliosis, so he did not even treat me with the clear institute methods. He has his own method which I found a wee bit peculiar. He spent alot of time attempting to adjust my skull and measuring some indicator at the base of my skull with his fingers? He also used some kind of new fangled activator type thing that he applied to my back and head. It was electric and sort of like a tiny jackhammer. It was quite painless but seemed an effort in futility for my pain relief. Anyways long story short he thought it was possibly a problem with my ribs and or joints between my ribs and spine.( not the first time I have heard this) As far as his treatment method this guy was either a genious or a fuit loop , I am not sure which.
My question is this. My pain seems to change all the time and never goes away. I sometimes have intense muscle pain on the convex side of the curve, sometimes both sides of the curve. Sometimes burning more than muscle pain. Other days I will have a concentrated pain in the middle of my spine more nervelike with no muscle pain. It feels like a big knot. Is this consistent with pain from scoliosis? Please give me your thoughts. All the best, Bish

07-20-2006, 11:32 PM
Sorry you had no luck. I am taking my daughter in Sept to see Dr. Woggon, so I was looking forward to your results. She definitely has the head forward position. The device you were talking about sounds like the adjustment equipment the previous chiro used on my daughter, it's called Pro Adjuster. She always said it felt like a tiny jackhammer. I don't think it was effective at all (neither was his other therapies).
I can't help you at all about the pain issues, Sheena's only 13 and doesn't experience pain from her scoliosis.
Take care.