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05-17-2006, 01:41 PM
It's now nearly 4 months after my operation, I'm doing pretty well although this week I've had some shoulder blade pain.

I was wondering how long people waited until trying to get fit after the operation? I've not ran or done any serious exercise since mid January, now I'm not getting fat or anything, but I feel like my fitness has dissapeared, and I've certainly lost a lot of muscle.

I'd like to start running, and ideally cycling as soon as possible. I don't see my surgeon until August 21st and certainly don't want to wait until then.

How did everyone start their exercise routine? Just stretching? or a bit of jogging?

Many thanks,


05-17-2006, 02:02 PM
I am 5 months post-op and began Dr. approved physical therapy at 3 months. I'll tell you what I am allowed to do, but I would still at least call your doc to get a go-ahead. I walk a lot. Running is a no-no. I still am not to bend or twist, or lift more than ten pounds BUT - I can lift weights while lying flat on my back. (So that my back isn't activated much.) I can use light weights and work my arms and shoulders and abs/core muscles while in this position. I also can do sqauts and lunges (while keeping proper back alignment) to work my legs. Basically, nothing to jarring or heavy while maintaining proper form is ok for me to do.

05-17-2006, 02:06 PM
I started in water exercises. My PT had shown me some simple exercises to do to strengthen my legs and i used them, added the water walking, gradually started 'bicycling' in the water, then on to water aerobics. The water keeps your spine from being stressed by impact and the resistance of water adds toning to arms, abs, and everything really. The fitness center i went to had a hot tub/whirlpool that i got in after working out. It really felt good to loosen the tightened muscles and kept them from spasming after exercising. Most drs don't want you lifting weights for a while yet, so this water work is a good beginning to return to fitness.