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03-01-2004, 10:24 PM
Hi. I am a 55 year old female who has had scoliosis since I was a teenager. I did not wear a brace or have surgery. Recently I began worrying about my back. I have some pain but nothing that keeps me from doing what I want. I have a 70 degree curve which was a shock to me. He would have liked to do surgery but I expressed that I wasn't ready for that since I really don't have a lot of pain, for now. He said to come back in 2 years or sooner if I have more pain. Now, I am very down and wonder if I should have surgery since the older one gets the longer and harder the recovery. I feel like I have this dark cloud hanging over me. I am going to therepy to strengthen the back muscles. I have some discs that are slipping too. My husband was in shock when he saw the x-rays and can't believe I don't have more pain. I have always been a take charge person. Do what is needed and get on with life. But this is soooo scarey. I am afraid I won't be as good as I am now. It looks to me like so many people have had to have more than one surgery. But this thread will be a big help. My husband is very good at listening but you people wear the same style shoes I do, if you know what I mean. :confused:

09-28-2005, 09:19 PM
Hi sugarcookie - any updates? :)

09-29-2005, 08:24 AM
Sugarcookie~ whearas everyone is different and the reasons one choose the surgery are entirely up to them. However, the decision is ultimately yours. Onto my opinion :) You say that you have a few discs that are slipping and you currently have a 70 degree curve. Just remember that after one has reached skeletal maturity your curve can increase 2 degrees a year if not more. I'm only 23 and I had my surgery,just as my doctor put it, as "preventive Maintenance". It went from 38 to 48 degrees in just 3 years. The older a person gets the harder it is for recovery and quite possibly the surgery itself. If you wouldn't mind being 'out of commission' for a while I'd go for it. I'm sure you've just become accustomed to having pain and just work your life and daily activites around it. Just try to prepare yourself before surgery such as working out and being in good physical condition. I know I'm a youngin' but I hope this helps you out. Remember I'm only offering advice, the final decision is whatever you choose.


10-06-2005, 04:30 PM
Hi Sugarcookie, I sure can relate to what you are saying. I am a 56-year-old female who has had scoliois since around the age of 12. I have never had problems until this year. It started out as pain that spread over my entire back and I finally reached a point I could not sit. Fearing it might be related to my scoliosis, I made an appointment with a spine specialist. I had x-rays taken and was shocked to learn that I have severe lumbar scoliosis with a 74 degree curvature. The doctor was amazed that I have not had problems before now. I was prescribed anti-inflammatories and physical therapy and told that if that did not relieve my symptons, my only option is surgery. I went to physical therapy for a couple of months, but it did not improve my condition. In fact, my spine felt like it could no longer support me. I was afraid it might be collapsing. For weeks I was unable to make it through a day of work. I would have to leave after a few hours and rush home. My only relief was to lay stretched out on my bed. Thank God I have a very understanding and supportive boss. I did get a second opinion from a top spine doctor specialising in spinal deformities. He wanted additional x-rays and an MRI. He is not in favor of surgery at this time. He told me that he treated a woman with the same degree curvature by fusing only two vertebra and she is doing fine. If she develops additional problems, he will address them as they arise. He told me that in his opinion you can sometimes pinpoint certain areas in the spine and treat them rather than fusing the whole spine. He also added that I should get other opinions and will find that most doctors would want to treat my condition aggressively. I did have an epidural steroid injection and my symptons for now have been much alleviated. I'm free of most pain and discomfort. But I fear that down the road I too will have to face barbaric surgery for my scoliosis especially if I see that it has progressed when I have x-rays taken again. Please let me know what your decision was and how you are doing.

10-06-2005, 06:34 PM
Hi! I am a 48 year old who has had scoliosis all my life. I did not want to admit that I could not handle the pain any more, but had no choice. I will be going to surgery in about 3 weeks. I agree about getting in shape. I was not in shape when I found that I needed surgery, and am not as much now as I want to be, but I HAVE lost 45 pounds & am working on another 5 by the time of surgery. Just read the other posts and...as was said before...make your own decision. Linda