View Full Version : Scoliosis tips and experiences

03-30-2006, 07:28 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to put together a website which revolves around the experiences of scoliosis patients.

If anyone would like to provide a brief explanation (from personal experiences)of any of the following that can be added to the website, please feel free to email me at scoliosised at (substitute at with @) gmail.com :

-Preoperative Procedures
-The Operating Room
-Postoperative Recovery Room
-Intensive Care Unit
-Your Hospital Room
-Postoperative Bracing
-Getting Home

the experiences can include any tips or information regarding each of the above. you can include what you went through in each phase, or how you learned to cope with your hospital stay.

thoughts and experiences from a parent of a child who has undergone scoliosis surgery are also appreciated!

also, if anyone has any personal inspirational quotes or stories you'd like to share, i'd love to add them to the website and help others planning or going through scoliosis surgery learn to better cope with their conditions and understand that they are not alone.

i hope to put together the website by the end of april/beginning of may, and would appreciate any input and additions that i can add.

thank you,
patrice :)