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03-14-2006, 10:52 PM
Hi, my name is Stephanie. I am 27yrs. old. I just found out today my scoliosis is 40 degrees lower lumbar. ( hope that makes sense ) anyway, my dr. told me he wanted to do the surgery due to the fact that my scoliosis has progressed a lot since i was originally dx. about 14 yrs. ago. Plus i have a tremendous amount of constant back pain that also gets worse at times. Have problems with my legs now as well. I am scheduled for a T/spine and L/spine mri march 28. I was in no hurry since i wasn't sure when i wanted to to the surgery. He said when it was a good time in my life thats when we would do it. 1 month, 3 months, 6 who knows. I was just surprised to hear surgery and my name in the same sentence. I was told i needed it back when i was sixteen, but i wasn't in as much pain so i said no. Then it was told to me to just be like an OPTION. Now he said i NEED it and i have a real poblem. I am part of another chat like forum thing now also due to the fact over the past 3/4 months i developed a lot of weird neurological problems. I am still trying to be properly diagnosed and did not want to have major back surgery and deal with that at the same time. Don't know what to do! Thanks!
so far all i know is 40 degrees lower lumbar
awaiting further tests. ( MRI )

03-14-2006, 11:34 PM

Well, there's not much you can do until you get the MRI results. I would definitely get a second opinion if the MRI doesn't explain your neurologic symptoms adequately. I agree that it would not necessarily be wise to rush into surgery without knowing that it would have a good chance of resolving your pain.