View Full Version : tightness in the torso...

03-01-2006, 05:28 PM
Ok, I'm complaining again...Lately, I have an annoying tightness in my mid-section. Normally more by early evening. I am achey at night but normally not to bad which amazes me with the kind of curves I have(thk god) I even try to stretch myself out on the bed, arms over head! I'm sure it all has to do with how full my stomach/intestines are...I'm probably so scrunched there! I also have been bothered by the hump on the left side when sleeping. Normally I'm on my back cause that's the best for me but still hurts...I'm so praying that these operations will help me on those issue! I am so thankful that something can be done to give me better quality of life!!!!!I'm marking off the days till surgery.........Ly