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02-24-2006, 09:38 PM
This is a pretty surgery laden site, but I am posting under a "non-surgical" thread, so please only respond to my thread if you are considering chiropratic and want to know more about my surgery free story. I swore off this site a month ago after meeting some pretty nasty people here with horrendous things to say about chiropractors, but then a number of you emailed me in private and your stories warmed my heart and that is why I am back to share with YOU and only YOU that I had the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE TODAY! :D :)

A week ago I flew to Minnesota from Denver to see Dr. Woggon...my new hero. In 1 very tough week of chiro care from him these are the results I achieved:

-42 thoracic is now 33
-42 lumbar is now 31
-401% increase range of motion
-11 total degrees correction in neck resulting in a RESTORED cervical curve!
-lung capacity went from 26 to 42! I now have the lung capacity of a man my age. I never knew I could breath like this! You can see the rib spaces on my xrays!
-I grew 1/2 inch
-my legs are balanced
-my rib "bump" on my thoracic has been reduced in HALF! My scapula no longer sticks out like a wing.
-Best of all...I feel like those folks in Nebraska who won the lottery...like a Million Dollars!

AND THAT IS JUST A WEEK! WOO HOO! Furthermore, to calm my fears about "what happens next" and "will this get even better" I met countless young ladies who shocked the heck out of me! Their curves were UNDER 10 degrees...which is not even considered scoliosis anymore! I saw pictures, xrays, stories from moms and dads about how well their kids are doing now. My Mom and I cried tears of joy for this great "jump start." The greatest thing about Doc Woggon is he knew all along...even when I had fears and doubts. He just gave me that sweet smile of his and said "I told you there was hope for you kiddo!"

I have plenty more work ahead of me (31 degrees of work!) and plan on creating my own blog. My Mom asked my what my goal number was I said "zero! I am going all the way!" If I can do that, I figure it will give non-surgical hope and change lives. Someday we will live in a world free of this. I won't stop until I get there.

Feel free to email me anytime: katie_oconnell77@yahoo.com
Also if you are interested in how chiro CAN help scoliosis visit www.clear-institute.com PLEASE get a referral from them for a local chiro if you wish to consider this. Sadly few chiros can correct scoliosis as of yet. These techniques are difficult and have taken years of research by a select few willing to tackle it. If you go to one who can't do this you will end of frustrated and lighter in the wallet. Just like you wouldn't select a surgeon by pointing at the yellow pages don't select a chiro that way either. Best of luck to you all!