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02-24-2006, 05:18 PM
helllo hope u r welll
here i am with my MRI report
wat should i say ... wellim strong to face this one .. am i not .. u think im weak .. nah not me .. go pat anothers shoulder .. i can handle this one
well here is wat thereport says .. well let me say wat happened .. actually i went over in the morning ... early as 7 and wat happened .. the doc said he wanted to have to chk some more things and wanted me again for an MRI ... i was liek OK ... hw long he said 5 mins .. i wasliek no deal ...bu it was an hour .. i lay there reciting my prayers and wen i was tored i started counting to 1000 and then backwards.. lols ..and this time i had my right shoulder .. pain a lot .. but it was ok ... after an hour i was out .. and searched the doc .. he was sumwhere else ..gosh my back hurt by roamin around the hospital ... and then he gave me my reporta nd told me to go to the doc who actually treated me ... i searched for him .. and wen i found him he was pretty bz .. looked at my mRI results saw the MRI and said me to do sum blood tests and told me to go ... i said him wat now .. and he goes liek Wat now???????? i was liek wat does the MRI say .. wat r we to do ... he doesnt bother lifts hibrows .. and says well i think its ok .. and u will need a surgery if ur pain is too much .. i dunt think ur degree sjhud increase ... i said like i cant wallk i am in terrible pain .. he says like ok ... cum next week .. i was angry .. mad ....but he wud never understand .. i left and just keot that anger within its still inside me .. i came home and saw at my reports .. i dunt think this sounds gud at all .. but here u guys can read it i shall write only the main points here ,...:

1. Dimnished curvature of the cervicle spine, reflecting paravertebral muscle spasm with no sign of instability detected.

2. small posterior marginal osteophytes are seen at Cv4-5 level partially effacing the vemtral subarachnoid space, with Type I - II Modic's degenerative subaraticular marrow chnges seen... denoting early spondlodegenrative changes.

3. Dorsolumbar scoliotic deformity is noted convex to the left side, its apex of convexity at Lv1-2 level

well i thought i only had dorso lumbar scoliosis .. but this MRI portrays strange things which i have researched on already and got myself enough worried .. but am i worried .. nah not at all ... am just relaxed .. life will go on as usual .... its kool :)
I have a Ccurve and am really seeking help regarding its info ..
well tahz all take care guys .. God bless u and healu on my expense..amen