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01-16-2006, 11:13 AM
Hello Scoliosis Support Group,

Mariah will begin casting on February 28th - they will change the cast every 2 mos. untill she is 2 then every 3 mos. I have read so many helpful ideas about the casting. I am still really scared to death. My though is of Mariah really just not knowing how to deal with this cast on - I know babies are resiliant and she will adjust - but boy how she loves her baths. I am also gratefull there are others out there for support. I am fortunate enough to lived in Erie, PA & only 1/2 mile from Shriners where they offer this serial casting. Are there others out there who travel far to Erie, Pa or SLC, Utah to receive casting services? Mariah's curve is at 45 degrees and I think it is effecting her respitory system? After she has been laying for a period of time she always wakes up coughing - especially in the mornings! I am currently going through some struggles with Mariah's mom who is currently in Mississippi - I really wish she would come home to be here with her baby through all this - I miss her and also need her. We are traveling to Pittsburgh on the 8th of February so Mariah can get an MRI - please pray for decent weather.
My thoughts and Prayers are with all of you.
Always welcoming your words and advice.
Thank You,
Linda & Mariah

01-26-2006, 07:52 PM
Are you Mariah's Grandmother or something Linda? God bless you for taking care of her. Were the MRI results normal? I just PM'd you too...

Tiffany S.
01-26-2006, 07:53 PM
Hello Linda,
I'm new to all this and can't offer advice. I do thank you for answering the question I had posted.

It must be terribly difficult dealing with all this without Mariahís mother, I canít imagine. Itís wonderful though, that Mariah has you there to help here through this. Your love and concern show in your writing. I will send a prayer for both of you.

Tiffany S.
01-27-2006, 01:37 PM
Dear Linda,
You are such a blessing in the lives of Mariah and her mother. Iím sorry to hear that the young mother is in so much turmoil. It breaks my heart to hear how Mariah has been moved around so much at her age.

I understand how you donít want to give up on Mariahís Mother, but have any steps been taken to legally protect Mariah, such as guardianship? I only bring this up because Iíve seen the terrible life my friendís niece has had. She bounced around to her aunt, then other aunt, then grandmother then back to her young mother, who would not give up custody. All this made it easier for the birth father to get back in the girls life, not a good thing! He was abusive and a drug addict.

My brother recently was found dead after struggling with drugs for 13 years, so I know something of that life set. And know that it should be nowhere in little Mariahís life. Iím sure of course that you already know that.
Mariah is lucky to have you! Wow raising a toddler and teenagers what a trip! I hope the best for your whole family and will not soon forget Mariah in my prayers.
Your Friend,
Ps I tride to send thisto your private mesages but got an error for being to long. I will just send my email privatly.

02-03-2006, 01:14 PM
Hi Linda,

I recognize you from the Yahoo group. I just wanted to wish you luck next week with the MRI. You are extremely fortunate to be so close to Shriners...have no fears, Mariah will be getting the best care possible with them. You saw Ian's pics...it's amazing what they do for our little ones there. It will be nice for you too because if the cast ends up needing trimming or anything like that you can stop by there so easily and have them look at it for you. I just can't say enough good things about Shriners!

And, you are such a wonderful person to take care of Mariah the way you are. It sounds like she couldn't be in better hands.

Feel free to PM me any time you might have questions.

I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather for your trip to Pitt.