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01-01-2006, 08:06 AM
Well its now been a little more than a Half of a year(June 20th) snice i had my sugery for my kyphosis and let me tell everyone something I have never felt better. Even with the PT(Physical Therapy) still a on going thing it is great to be back to normal with out pain. Also even better news I have gotten the OK from my M.D. to go ahead and Play Baseball this spring at a Full pace. Now for those of you who are just going through the whole sugery thought let me tell you its ok to be scared and etc but IT is for the bettter trust me. On June 19th I had a 125 degree curve on my spine today it is down to a 25 degree curve. Trust me when i say all the pain and hard times in the first few weeks are worth having your life back. Any question's on Kyphosis or if you need anything else on this issue PM me or post back. Thanks so much.