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12-23-2005, 10:06 AM
Hi there! Thanks all for the positive support. Can I just say I FEEL GREAT!!! I am already reducing the amount of pain killers I am on, and have been moving really well. I can sit up and be social, and walk around pain free. I can even get up and get my own water, do my own grooming, etc. (WHich feels great, because I felt so guilty being so helpless at first.)

ANyways - I went to the surgeon for a check up on Wednesday, I CRIED when I saw my new xrays. My back looked damn near perfect. (Except for the hardware). My curve appeared to me to be non-existent. He measured it at 22 degrees, but my mom and I thought it looked easily under 10. My head and butt are now perfectly aligned as well. My breasts are also even, the rib hump seems to have been dramatically reduced, and me shoulder blades, ribs and collar bones appear symmetrical. OH JOY! OH JOY! OH JOY!

I feel GREAT, I look GREAT! I move GREAT! Even though there were some tough times recovery, overall I feel like I am leaps and bounds above what I imagined recovery would be like. I thought it would be much harder. I actually feel better now, just a week post-op than I did some days BEFORE the surgery. (Although I still certainly don't have as full range of motion as befre, but that will come.) I don't know if the it is the meds talking or what, but I am just SO glad that I made this decision.

And if anyone tells me I am glamorizing this I'll be ticked. And I don't want to be ticked, because I am just so happy!!!

(Monie - sorry, I haven't written back, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I just know they worked, and I very much appreciate them. I am sorry I haven't wriiten back personally. I just have SO much typing to do that I am trying to limit my time. Please don't feel left out, I know you are checking on me here too!)

12-23-2005, 01:39 PM
I am so happy for you!!! :D I'm so happy that you're feeling great and that you're happy with the results of your surgery! Almost 11 months post-op, I can say the thing for myself...I'm really doing well and happy with my results too. Please do be careful though in the next few weeks. Take it easy and let your body heal properly.

What a great Christmas gift for you Meg to be doing so well! Keep up with the great progress!

12-23-2005, 02:22 PM
I too am really happy for you. As another blogster I have had great comfort from your hopes and fears and am really delighted to hear your recovery is going so well.

Don't forget to keep us all posted on your progress - as someone waiting for my op it gives me great hope for the future to be able to read what happens to other people.

Actually, that even goes for the not so good stuff too as its nice to know what you could be facing.

Keep up the leaps and bounds and have a wonderful Christmas. That goes for everyone here at NSF!

12-24-2005, 04:22 PM
Hey congratulations Meg!!! Yay!!! I'm so glad you're ok!!! Welcome back!.. I'm sure things are going to keep getting better and better... I'm sure you'll be up and driving in no time... Remember to take things easy though, ok? Don't overdo it... Take care of you, and make sure you have a Merry, merry, Christmas!